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Do Rugs Impair the Air Quality and Effect Your Health: Check This Review

There is no doubt that rugs elevate your interior design. Large rugs as your statement piece can add a certain charm to your room and make the ambiance become a personal statement for you. It makes your room look homely, and it makes it more comfortable for you to walk around. 

Rugs are an investment. You need to install them, clean them, and maintain them as well. However, among all of these, the leading question with rugs is whether they impair the air quality and have any adverse effects on your health. 

Checking the validity of the concerns regarding rugs

Rugs can trap pollutants

We all know that dust particles are omnipresent. With open windows, doors, and balconies, the chances of dust particles entering your house increase quite a lot. They accumulate on all kinds of surfaces, and after a while, they might get to a level where the large rugs are dirty. 

The most common kinds of pollutants that can get trapped in large rugs include – dust, pollen, bacteria, pet hair, insects that live in your home, fungi, mites, etc. 

When all of these factors accumulate, they keep being present in your home environment and the air. These pollutants are too small to see and can enter your lungs, causing allergies, respiratory issues, and other connected health issues as well. 

The dust and dirt also discolor the large rugs and make them heavier. This might make your rug look old and faded as well, even if it is fairly new. 

What to do in such a situation?

However, this doesn’t mean that it is the rug’s fault. To cope with dust and pollutants and to decrease the chances of bad air quality and risk to your health, you can take note of the following tips and tricks.

1. Do not keep rugs in damp rooms

Avoid putting rugs in the kitchen or in the bathroom, where they will be constantly in touch with water and moisture. Large rugs are most suitable, not just aesthetically but practically as well, for common living spaces and bedrooms. 

If the rugs are not being cleaned, they will grow mildew and mold, which can take over the rug, no matter the size, in around three days. 

2. Take extra care if you have pets

Make sure your pets don’t urinate or drop fecal matter on your rugs, as they are tough to clean and are a hazard for everybody around them. If your pet sheds a lot, make sure you vacuum your rugs frequently as well. 

3. Avoid carpeting in sleeping areas

No matter how good of a rug you buy, if you know somebody with allergies or asthma, avoid lining their room or placing a rug in their bedroom. Most of us can still intake some amount of dust particles daily, but it’s not the same for asthmatic patients.

4. Get your rugs professionally cleaned

This is the best advice you can follow. Make sure you get your rugs cleaned frequently so that there is less chance of them accumulating pollutants, dirt, and dust. Professional cleaning is something that you cannot do at home and is much better than anything else, especially if you want to maintain the quality, color, and design of your rug. 

5. Replace them 

Sometimes, it is necessary to change the whole rug. If you are thinking of revamping your interiors, start with a new large rug, something in a color that matches your personality while adding flair to your living area. A new large rug will mean a fresh start, and you can follow all the advice mentioned to repair the air quality in your home as well.

Discussing other solutions for your large rugs

The best solution can also be choosing the type of large rug you want for your room. We recommend you go for rugs with natural fibers or breathable material so that they do not accumulate dirt as other fabrics do. 

  1. Make sure you are cleaning your large rugs regularly. 
  2. Leave them out in the sun to get rid of dampness and the smell that accumulates over time.
  3. Avoid having your pets on them.
  4. If they are of a washable fabric, get them washed. Otherwise, dry cleaning is a good option.
  5. Do not leave a large gap between your cleaning of the rugs, as it will get tough to get the dirt and stains out. 
  6. Make sure you are not using your large rugs to eat or drink things on.
  7. Avoid having your children on your large rug, especially while eating or drinking.
  8. Make sure you vacuum your rugs every three-four days. 
  9. Remove the rugs and clean the floor under them as well. 

If you follow these tips, your large rugs will be in good condition for a long time, and you can keep using them. And for the best rugs, come to Miss Amara! Our rugs are made to last you a long time while adding a sense of style to your living spaces. Comfort and style, you will get both with us. 

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