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Discover the Best Banking Apps with Referral Bonuses

Best Banking Apps

A financial or bank referral program is gaining much traction for motivating customers to refer banking apps to their friends, coworkers, and loved ones in exchange for a bonus. Banks offer an incentive to an existing client as a thank you for referring a new customer when the friend opens a new account after hearing about your bank from the customer.

Financial or bank refer-a-friend programs, also known as bank referral programs, can assist a bank in expanding its clientele by utilizing the network of devoted consumers they already have.

The top bank referral programs don’t use paper forms to operate. Instead, they are automated by software, making it simple to identify who is in charge of each recommendation. So, without further ado, let’s look at the best banking apps that offer attractive referral bonuses.

1. Community Bank and Trust

In the Cedar Rapids Region of Iowa, Community Bank and Trust, a branch of Cedar Rapids Bank and Trust, is among the popular banking apps with referral bonus. It offers various financial services, such as checking and savings account options, personal and business loans, asset management, and trust services.

You must already be a bank client with open, active accounts in good standing to participate in their referral program. All their available checking account alternatives are eligible for the program. The referrer and the referee will get a $50 cash prize if you and your friend or relative fulfill all conditions.

You can speak with a bank person or go to one of the branches to suggest a friend or relative and benefit from the program.

Community Bank and Trust

Community Bank and Trust

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2. Provident Bank

Customers are drawn to Provident Bank’s referral program because it prominently displays the incentive and calls to action. Customers benefit more when a buddy they recommend joins a higher-value business account.

Three easy steps that clearly define the phrases demonstrate the program’s simplicity. Customers also benefit immediately if a friend creates a new bank account. Provident Bank places a high value on the relationship-building benefits of recommendations.

Along with emphasizing the concept of “Paying it forward,” they also thank consumers for spreading the news. Your bank might consider implementing this powerful messaging within its referral program.

Provident Bank

Provident Bank

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3. Acorns

Although it involves a different method, Acorns has one of the best referral programs that is also very user-friendly. They send out email offers for recommending friends every week, such as “Earn $300 when you invite 2 friends to join Acorns” or “Earn $600 when you invite 3 friends.” The highest possible incentive is around $1,500 for inviting seven friends.

The caveat is that each invitee must register for an Acorns account using your referral link and deposit at least $5 within the offer period. To ensure everyone complies with the standards, you can simply track their progress inside the app.

Acorns will check the conditions when the week concludes and, if they have been met, will transfer the bonus into your investing account. You will also get the customary referral incentive, which runs from $5 to $10 for each invitation.



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4. Chime

With no minimum balance restrictions or monthly maintenance fees, Chime is an online bank that stands out for its account features. Its features include well-known ones other financial institutions offer, such as cashback on specific credit/debit card purchases, fee-free overdrafts up to $200, and free withdrawals from specific ATMs.

The “Pay Anyone” option on their app is a standout feature. Using this function, you may send money instantaneously to Chime and non-Chime clients without needing other apps.

When it comes to bank referral programs and referral marketing, Chime takes a somewhat different tack. You must first sign up to be a Chime Affiliate to benefit from their referral program. You must complete an application form, which the bank will evaluate, to accomplish this.

Following approval, you’ll have a special Chime Affiliate link that you may use several times to share with your friends.

You will get a referral bonus for each referrer who successfully creates an account with Chime using your link. Although the precise referral price may change over time, it is presently at $100 per referral, and there is no limit on the maximum number of referral incentives you may get.

5. Bridgeview Bank

In 1971, Bridgeview Bank Group was founded in the Chicagoland region to provide several services for individuals and businesses. You may earn a $50 referral incentive if you reside close to one of their 13 locations. This offer is for those who live in the Chicagoland area since you must fill out a form in person at the bank.

You get your incentive when your referral establishes a Personal Checking Account with eligible direct deposit. After your referral’s eligible direct deposit, your $50 incentive will come to your account during the billing cycle.


In conclusion, the top banking applications with bonuses for referrals combine outstanding banking functions, comprehensible user interfaces, and alluring referral incentives. These applications have effectively incorporated cutting-edge technology through referral programs to offer users easy and safe banking experiences.

Though their referral bonuses vary typically include cash rewards, fee waivers, or other incentives, which motivate users to recommend the app to their friends and family. So, this win-win approach benefits the existing users and the app, creating a positive feedback loop that drives continuous growth and expansion.

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