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Different Types Of Frozen Food Packaging

custom frozen food boxes

The business of selling frozen foods is one of the industries that is growing at one of the fastest rates when it comes to convenient and healthy ways to get food.

When you package frozen meals in custom frozen food boxes, you need to be sure that the safety of the consumer is your top priority. You will also have to choose the right materials that can stand up to temperatures that are lower than freezing. When you package food that has been frozen, you have to pay close attention to every little detail. The budget, packaging, and materials that the company wants to use all have an effect on the process.

Since Industrial Packaging has been in the frozen food packaging business for a long time, we are often asked about the different kinds of packaging materials that can be used for frozen food. Starting with vacuum sealed frozen food shipping boxes, we’ll talk about all the different kinds of packaging supplies that are great for putting frozen foods in.

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Shrink Film

One of the most common ways frozen food packaging is with shrink film, which is also known as shrink wrap. The packaging industry usually uses shrink film.

Polyolefin is the best choice for food packaging. The Food and Drug Administration has given its approval for polyolefin shrink film to be used in food packaging, and this film can also be made kosher. You can use it to seal frozen foods like pies, pizzas, cakes, baked goods, vegetables, fruit, and pretty much any other kind of frozen food in a way that keeps air out. The job calls for this kind of film.

Wax-coated cardboards are another type of frozen food boxes that are becoming more common and are often used for frozen food. Especially when you need to thaw frozen meals, which also means heating the container. For example, waxed cardboard custom frozen food boxes are often used to pack frozen Chinese food because this is a common use case.

The wax-coated cardboard frozen food shipping boxes can handle heat, so you can put them right in the microwave and heat the food inside until it’s ready to eat. The containers can go in the microwave, so this is possible.


Most of the time, foods like lasagna, manicotti, salisbury steaks, and a wide variety of other foods are packaged in aluminum foil frozen food boxes wholesale.

The cardboard or waxed cardboard lid that is usually on top of foil pans slides onto the top of the box and is held in place by the foil tabs on either side of the pan.

Skin Film

Skin film is a special type of film that is made to wrap things in the same way and stick them to a printed skin board or a corrugated cardboard plate. It can also be used to make printed skin boards that are stuck to corrugated cardboard plates to make skin boards. People often use this to package salmon, trout, and a wide range of other types of frozen seafood.

Flexible frozen food packaging film as a whole includes a specific type of film called thermoforming film with a high barrier. It is very easy to shape with heat, and because it can adapt to changes in temperature, it is the best choice for a wide range of applications. You can make it with cutting-edge plastic resins and was made so that it could be used to make specialty films like these. This type of film has corners that are stronger and a better way to remember what it looks like.

Thermoforming films with a high barrier are stronger and harder to break than other types. The coating is very shiny and does a great job of protecting against UV light, smell, and taste. Also, the film can stop ultraviolet light from getting through. There are different gauges of these specialty films, which measure how thick they are.

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