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Diamond Inclusions: Bearded Girdle

Most people are familiar with the traditional round brilliant cut diamond, but there are many other unique and beautiful diamond shapes out there. One of these is the “bearded girdle” diamond, which has a unique inclusion that resembles a beard. 

The bearded girdle is actually a type of feather inclusion, and it is caused by a foreign object (usually another piece of diamond) becoming embedded in the diamond during the formation process. The beard is formed when the foreign object is partially or completely surrounded by the crystal structure of the diamond.

Because of their unique appearance, bearded girdle diamonds are often used in custom and one-of-a-kind jewellery designs. They can also command a higher price than diamonds without this inclusion. If you’re interested in owning a uniquely beautiful diamond, consider a bearded girdle diamond.

How rare it is to find this type of diamond

When it comes to diamonds, there are all sorts of different shapes, colors, and sizes. But one thing that makes a diamond truly unique is its inclusion. And among all the different types of inclusions, the bearded girdle is one of the rarest. So, what exactly is a bearded girdle? It’s a diamond inclusion that looks like a series of tiny hairs or feathers growing out from the girdle (the edge of the diamond). This type of inclusion is caused by a structural defect in the crystal lattice of the diamond.

While bearded girdles are incredibly rare, they don’t necessarily make a diamond less valuable. In fact, many people actually find them to be quite beautiful and unique. So, if you’re lucky enough to find a diamond with a bearded girdle, don’t be afraid to show it off!

Why the diamond is so unique and why it will stand out from the rest

The diamond is the hardest natural material on Earth, and its unique properties have made it a symbol of love and commitment for centuries. But what makes diamonds so special? One of the things that makes diamonds so unique is their inclusions.

 Bearded girdles are a type of diamond inclusion that looks like a thin line or band around the edge of the diamond. They are created when the diamond is formed deep in the Earth’s mantle and are brought to the surface through volcanic activity. Bearded girdles are one of the things that make diamonds so unique and special. They are very rare and are often found in only the finest quality diamonds. When shopping for a diamond, be sure to ask about the inclusions. A qualified jeweller will be able to tell you about the different types of inclusions and help you choose a diamond that is perfect for you.

The diamond is truly a unique gemstone. Its hardness, brilliance, and fire set it apart from other gemstones. But what makes the diamond even more special is its inclusions. One of the rarest inclusions in diamonds is the bearded girdle. This is a thin line of imperfections that runs along the edge of the diamond. While it may seem like a small imperfection, it actually adds to the beauty of the diamond.

The bearded girdle is what gives diamonds their unique sparkle. When light hits the diamond, it is reflected off of the girdle and creates a dazzling effect. This is why diamonds with a bearded girdle are often more expensive than those without. So, if you’re looking for a unique and beautiful diamond, be sure to look for one with a bearded girdle. It will definitely stand out from the rest!

A diamond’s bearded girdle is a thin outer edge that extends around the circumference of the stone. This feature is unique to diamonds and is used to help determine the stone’s value. The beard is usually only visible through a jeweler’s loupe, but it can be seen with the naked eye in some stones. The bearded girdle is caused by an imperfection in the crystal structure of the diamond. It is a thin, flat growth that extends from the surface of the diamond and is usually only a few microns thick. The girdle can be either straight or wavy, and its color can range from white to yellow.

The bearded girdle is used to help identify a diamond’s quality. Stones with a thin, well-defined girdle are considered to be of higher quality than those with a thick, poorly defined girdle. The girdle can also be used to help determine the stone’s weight. Diamonds with a bearded girdle are typically more expensive than those without. This is because the girdle is considered to be a sign of quality. Stones with a thin, well-defined girdle are rarer and more desirable than those with a thick, poorly defined girdle.

Owning a diamond with a bearded girdle is a sign of quality and sophistication. These stones are rarer and more expensive than those without a girdle, but they are also more beautiful and unique. If you are looking for a diamond that is truly one-of-a-kind, then look for one with a bearded girdle. If you’re in the market for a diamond, be sure to check out for a great selection. You’ll find everything from classic diamonds to rare, one-of-a-kind finds.

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