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Custom pre roll packaging is worth the buzz!


Rolling the dice is always fun. All you need is to toss, drop and move the token in the winning direction. But at times, rolling isn’t exciting!

When it comes to rolling the cannabis-filled wraps, the task is quite daunting. The truth is rolling the cannabis joints is a hell of a job. If you are not a dab hand in making the pre-rolls, it results in the following.

  • Huge mess and scattering of the cannabis material
  • A major time waster
  • An ultimate source of frustration

Good news! The cannabis manufacturers offer ready-made cones. You go to the cannabis dispensary and pick the flavored ones. But this is where the sales start to roll in!

Custom pre roll boxes are crucial for protecting the conical structure of cannabis rolls.

Pro-tip: if you want to gain dominance in the cannabis market, focus on premium quality packaging. Clearly, Urgent Boxes is a mighty custom box manufacturer in the town!

Nail Your Brand’s Presence With Our Classy, Sassy, Glassy Custom Printed Pre Roll Boxes!

Do you know why the cannabis market is flourishing worldwide? Because many countries and states in the USA have validated the consumption of cannabis. Yeah, it is widely used for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Surprisingly the pre-rolls sales are exploding like never before. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, smokers are obsessed with this beast. The conical wraps are easy to use, exude class, and offer remarkable high. The prize-winning point? It comes with extraordinary packaging.

It means that custom-printed pre-roll boxes are second to none. It controls the brand’s perception, top line, and customer reviews. Therefore, it is a cost-effective yet incredible way to cement your identity in the market.

What options are available at the Urgent Boxes?

Hot Foil Stamping

Do you want to add decorative effects to the pre roll boxes wholesale? As the name implies, the hot foil stamping technique uses pressure, heat, and foil to yield the desired results.

1. Perfect for retaining classic appeal

2. It gives a luxe vibe to the brand and draws cannabis lover’s attention

3. the best way to tap into brands’ creative site


Make a fantastic first impression with the embossing technique. It highlights the cannabis image, catchy tagline, or even the branded logo with this exclusive method. Enhance the tactile experience of the consumers with embossing.


Have you ever noticed deep pockets or grooves on the boxes? Perfect! You can quickly move your fingers through it and sense the depth in the designated area.

In a nutshell, all three printing methods are fantastic! Go ahead if you want to steal the show and give a regal to the cannabis boxes!

How Do Out-Of-The-Box Packaging Ideas Impact The Company’s Bottom Line?

Neve takes customers’ loyalty for granted! They influence your brand’s bottom line in unimaginable ways. In other words, your customers are the real boss. And they control the success compass of your company.

Similarly, the cannabis market is teeming with newbies and the OG labels. And they try to give their best shot to capitalize on this beautiful opportunity like never before! Wondering how?

Pre-roll boxes wholesale! It is a healthy tug-of-war between the different cannabis brands. It sometimes affects the brand’s budget, marketing, and even nerves.

Urgent Boxes is here to serve you with the best solutions. Yeah, you hit the right note. It is time to jump onto our stunning box styles.

The story’s nucleus: if you want to generate more business, attract customers, and scale up the sales chart go with our unique yet multifunctional box styles.

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