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Custom Packaging for Small Businesses: Types & Ideas


In a highly competitive e-commerce market, custom packaging is a great way for small businesses to be unique from competitors. Building a lasting relationship with your customers, increasing brand loyalty, and gaining awareness can all be achieved with custom packaging. 

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is the individually designed packaging of products by businesses to make their products eye-catching and to communicate important brand information to customers. These are not just fancy boxes, but they will also protect the product. Alongside this, it also reflects your brand beliefs. For instance, using eco-friendly materials means promoting a green planet.

E-commerce businesses that want to make a great first impression can use custom packaging as an alternative to standard packaging. A customized unboxing experience can enhance the brand’s identity through custom dimensions, labels, colors, and messaging.

Why Businesses Should Create Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is becoming increasingly popular because it provides a distinctive look to products which helps grab the audience’s attention in such a diverse and competitive environment.

The purpose of custom packaging boxes is much more than just a container for your product, as it also protects the product from damage in the shipping process. Tailor-made items are expensive, but customized boxes are still affordable and can be good packaging ideas for small businesses.

Here are some reasons to convince you to use custom boxes and packaging for your online business.

Ensure your Brand Stands Out

You can use funky colors, shiny items, embossing, or debossing to make your brand or product name pop. You can also use customized labels, stickers, tape, and subtle All of these will act as a marketing source for your brand and increase its reputation and popularity. All of these mediums are affordable, so small businesses can quickly adapt and make a strong impression in the highly competitive environment. 

Unboxing Experience that is Unique and Delightful

Unboxing is one of those events that sticks in the mind, and if it’s good, then the customer will be satisfied with the purchase. Additionally, unboxing experiences can be tailored to different events. For instance, you can offer something that portrays Santa or Christmas. It will attract and acquire more audiences that are curious about your distinctive packaging and want to experience it.

Here are some of the tips to make your unboxing experience good.

  • The packaging should be the right size for the product. 
  • Design a packaging that stands out from the crowd.
  • Your packaging should have a personal touch that symbolizes your brand. 
  • Present your product well.

 The First Impression is the Lasting One

There’s a famous quote,” First impression is the lasting one,” so you have to keep it in mind while considering packaging for your products. Among a sea of product messaging, a distinctive approach can set a brand apart in a crowded marketplace. You can use creative design, colors, labeling, and shapes, to make a lasting impression on customers.

Furthermore, unique packaging designs are also a great way to introduce your brand to new customers. A more aesthetically pleasing package will also be remembered by people among the many retailers offering similar products. So it’s good to focus on being unique.

Sustainable Packaging for Our Earth

Since people are now aware of how plastic impacts the environment, sustainable packaging has also become a great way to attract eco-friendly enthusiasts. Sustainable materials are readily biodegradable and have no impact on the environment. 

Furthermore, you can also recycle this material and then use it again for packaging or any other purpose. Aside from this, sustainable packaging is also inexpensive, so even small businesses can use it.

Types of Packaging Boxes

Here are the top three types of packaging used in shipping in e-commerce.


  • Rigid boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Cardboard boxes

Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes are used to provide engaging looks to luxury products. In addition to its eye-catching looks, it offers excellent protection to the product. You can also use custom inserts for an extra elegant touch and to ensure product protection.

Additionally, rigid boxes will also provide an unforgettable unboxing experience increasing your brand’s awareness and values. These boxes are a bit more expensive than others.

Corrugated boxes

There are many types of shipping boxes, but corrugated boxes are the most common. It consists of an outer liner, an inside liner, and a medium-fluted layer between them. It is a lightweight material and is ideal for those shipping significant packages.

Furthermore, they are simple to construct and collapsible, protect the product in the shipping process, and are the most economical. It can be a reasonable consideration for small businesses.

By opting for custom mailer boxes wholesale, businesses can personalize the packaging to reflect their brand identity and create a memorable unboxing experience for customers. The wholesale aspect allows for bulk purchasing at competitive prices, making it an economical choice for businesses looking to streamline their packaging operations. 

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are used for storage purposes. It is made from a sheet of strong, lightweight paper produced from fibrous material in wood recycled waste paper. Additionally, it is cheap so that anyone can afford it. 

These sheets can be easily folded, cut, or customized in any design to suit your product’s dimensions. They are mainly used for the packaging of lightweight products and provide good hold and protection to them.

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