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Creative Ways to Use Up Your Internal Budget Before Year-End

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the end of another year. First, if your company has managed to save money and not spend or overshoot your budget, congratulations! Second, keep in mind that there are ways to use your year-end budget to set you up for a successful start to the here-before-we-know-it Q1.

Here are just a few ways to invest this leftover cash and make it work for you.

Revamp Professional Presentation Assets

If you use PowerPoint presentations for internal training, pitching to investors, presenting research or for other purposes, consider partnering with a PowerPoint presentation specialist. They can take your slides to the next level using best practices for design and flow. Templates can be crafted and branded to meet your company style and tone, which you can modify and rework using drag-and-drop processes throughout the year.

Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

If your work is primarily seasonal and you’re anticipating a slump in the early parts of the new year, consider giving your online and in-person marketing a boost before it arrives. This can scale from something minor, like a strategic social media campaign, or something bigger — like billboards in town or on your transit system, or paid ads across the web to boost your online presence.

Treat Your Team (They Deserve It)

If your team moral has felt a little low, or you want to reward them for a fantastic year, why not invest the leftover budget in a team get together? And yes, this is indeed a form of investment. According to survey specialists Survey Monkey, employees who feel happy and valued in the workplace work harder, have lower rates of absenteeism and are more engaged. Further, a happy workspace helps form friendships among colleagues and boosts feelings of overall well-being (which, according to those conducting the study, will benefit your bottom line).

If your team works remotely or in a hybrid fashion, consider partnering with virtual party hosts and organizing takeout deliveries so you can enjoy lunch together.

Invest in Your Office Space and Furniture

If your desks have been looking a little shabby, or the walls are looking a little worse for wear, now’s the time for a makeover. A slick, professional-looking space creates a great first impression to clients and customers and broadcasts an air of high standards and professionalism to team members. 

Ergonomics are also worth keeping in mind here. Reducing the risk of discomfort and strain for team members will benefit you, too. If computer chairs are dated, new seats for your employees will definitely be well received.

The Takeaway

If you have a leftover budget this year, take advantage of it strategically. There’s still time to invest wisely via an outlet that will benefit your business in the long run. Whether you revamp your presentations, treat your employees, overhaul your office décor, or you run an unplanned marketing campaign — your excess cash can benefit you tremendously. End this year on a high and kick the following off to a fantastic start.

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