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Create Cool Attractive Videos and Edit Your Instagram Videos Online in Minutes

You have a wide range of options if you wish to edit videos on Instagram. However, you must first decide what sort of video you intend to publish. You presently have a few alternatives for when and how to upload videos on Instagram because it has taken some time for the platform to develop its video feature.

Create a video for Instagram that helps you, among many other things, increase the number of people who engage with your page and effectively market your products or services. Statistics show that Instagram video posts receive 38% more interaction than photo posts, thus if you wish your Instagram account to expand, you must include video content. 

However, how can you create Instagram videos that would help you stand out from the platform’s daily 100+ million posts?

Here are some tips you can use to create cool yet attractive videos for your Instagram videos

Tips for Instagram Videos

Tip 1: Self-Contained Content

You may post videos on different social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, to tease or advertising material on your website and persuade viewers to click through for additional details. 

However, you cannot publish a link within an Instagram post. Yes, you may direct people to a link in your profile, but Instagram users like to scroll and read stuff that is already in their feed.

Each video you produce should be able to stand alone for this reason. Though they shouldn’t always need to leave Instagram to access your material, you may still direct visitors to a site in your biography if they want to learn more.

Tip 2: Visuals 

Instagram is a photo-based social media site. Remember that aesthetics matter, so make sure to incorporate gorgeous visuals in your film.

You can always look for steps in creating eye-catching Instagram aesthetic edits and visuals  for your videos. 

Tip 3: Color

Your Instagram account and content can stand out with the assistance of a consistent color scheme. Choose a color scheme that works nicely with your brand’s colors because your Instagram account is an expression of your company or brand.

The proper colors may help you build your brand and draw in customers and business possibilities, while the wrong ones might work against you.

Easy Steps in Creating Instagram Video 

Now that we already know what tips should we use in creating cool and attractive videos. Let us now dive into the step-by-step guide to creating an Instagram video. 

Step 1: Choosing A Video 

Use an Instagram video template or upload a clip from your phone or computer. 

Step 2: Make Your Instagram Video Unique

Apply trendy layouts and filters. Add GIFs and thumb-stopping stickers. Adding free music will enhance your video

Step 3: Shorten your videos

People on Instagram don’t want to spend a lot of time on one item, so make your Instagram clip as brief as you can.

Step 4: Include Captions

Instagram videos are frequently viewed without sound. This is not unusual. It draws attention more quickly and conveys your message even without music. People may find this intriguing enough to want to view the video again with the sound on.

Step 5: Publish Your Best Video

Upload the video on Instagram after downloading it to your smartphone. Simple as pie!

How To Edit Instagram Video: Step-by-Step Guide in Wave.Video

#1: Create or Upload a Video

Pick a video that you wish to convert for Instagram first. Visit our library of excellent video templates or submit your own. No concerns if you don’t have a short video prepared. You may access 300 million high-quality video clips on virtually any subject thanks to

#2: Step 2. Change to the style you require.

Videos that are square (1:1) and vertical (4:5) display best on Instagram. Choose the Stories format if you want to produce a video for Instagram Account and Reels (9:16).

The excellent thing is that switching between the formats in is simple. Your videos don’t need to be re-edited. Any modifications you make (such as text or stickers) will be immediately included into the format you chose.

#3: Beautify your Video

Assure your video stands out from the others because Instagram is a highly visual platform. Your Instagram video creator should allow you to use moving text, GIFs, and icons in your films. Add a video effect and your logo to your videos to give them a customized appearance. 

#4: Download and Share Your Instagram Video

Render your video before moving on to the Publish stage. After that, you may download it to a computer or other device. Additionally, you may upload your movie directly to social media, distribute it as a landing page, and embed it into websites and emails.


Whether you’re a brand, company, or creative, using Instagram Reels in your marketing plan is a guaranteed method to expand your audience, earn their trust, and strengthen your relationship with them. With a strategy, a little imagination, and a few effects, you’ll soon be enjoying Instagram Reels’ benefits.

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