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Common Benefits of getting First Aid Training

Having first aid training or knowledge is very important for every person both as an individual and as a member of society. First aid helps you to help yourself and others in times of need. That is why it is considered to be very important to have first aid training so that you can become a beneficial member of society.

First aid is the first help or treatment that a victim gets in case of some health emergency or an injury. Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. However, if there is a person with first aid training present at the place of the incident, he can control and manage the situation in a better way. The person with first aid training has the knowledge to control the situation and help the victim till the arrival of an ambulance or professional medical assistance.

First aid training can help you in every field of life. Accidents can happen anywhere whether it is a road, a workplace, a school, or even at your home. Therefore, there should be people present at the place of the incident so that they can help others and control the situation from becoming worse.

3 Ps of First Aid

First aid training aims at many different aspects of helping others in case of an emergency. However, there are 3 Ps of first aid that actually describes the main aim and objective of first aid training. The 3 Ps of first aid are described below.

  •       Preserve:

The first objective of first aid is to preserve life. The person providing first aid mainly focuses on saving the life of the victims. The first aid provider assesses the situation and provides aid accordingly in order to save the life of the victim. For example, if someone has severe issues with breathing or excessive bleeding, it can be very fatal if first aid is not provided on time. To save the life of the victim, the first aid provider makes necessary arrangements until the arrival of medical professionals.

  •       Prevent:

This P of first aid describes that the first aid provider should make necessary arrangements to prevent the worsening of the situation and condition of the victim. He should take the necessary actions to calm the patient. When a person suffers from trauma then he becomes panicky and this can make the situation worse. To prevent not only means to prevent the situation from worsening but also to prevent the condition of the victim or his injury from worsening.

  •       Promote:

The third P of first aid basics focuses on promoting recovery. This means that you should act accordingly to manage the pain and injury of the victim so that you can not only help the victim to calm down but also helps to promote recovery. Sometimes, if the wound is not treated properly at the first hand, it can develop into an infection. Therefore, it is the duty of the first aid provider to deal with the injury or health condition properly so that he can be able to promote recovery instead of making it worse.

The above-mentioned 3 Ps of first aid describe properly the main aim and objectives of first aid treatment and training. The person getting first aid knowledge has to first understand and implement the 3 Ps of first aid in order to help the victims in any type of emergency.

Benefits of First Aid

First aid is not a new concept. Nearly everyone knows the importance and countless benefits of getting first aid training. Some of the key benefits are described below for a clear understanding of the concept.

  •       Saves Lives

The first and foremost benefit of becoming a first-aid-trained professional is that you can help to save the lives of others. In many emergency situations, it happens that the victims become serious if they are not provided instant care or first aid. For example, in case of excessive bleeding, it is important to restrict the flow of bleeding in order to prevent blood loss. Excessive loss of blood can lead to many fatal conditions for the victim in the long run.

  •       Teaches Management and Control

Another benefit to learning first aid training is that it teaches you how to manage and control in case of an emergency. When there is some emergency, people at the place of the incident become tense and panic. However, the person with first aid training has learned ways to control the situation by calming down the victim and other people present at the place. They use their management and control skills to handle the situation in an effective way. This helps to calm down the victim which is also helpful for better recovery.

  •       Speedy Recovery

Another benefit of first aid training is that it helps in the speedy recovery of a victim. For example, there are many emergency situations in which the recovery rate depends upon the first medical treatment or care provided to the victim. If that care is not provided properly then the recovery can be affected in a negative way. For example, in case of excessive bleeding, the victim can develop other issues in the long run due to loss of blood. However, as a first aid provider if you provide proper care to control the bleeding at first, then you can help the victim in a speedy recovery and also prevent many health issues in the long run.

  •       Instills Confidence

First aid helps to instill confidence in you. When you have excess knowledge to handle the situation and calm the victims, this helps you to become confident enough that you are able to control the situation in a better way. The feeling that you are helpful to others makes you confident.

Concluding Words

First aid knowledge helps you in everyday life. It makes you able to help yourself, your loved ones, and others as well. You can become a useful member of society by becoming able to help others in times of emergency and by saving others’ lives. 


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