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Cleaning Tips & Tricks to Make Your Home Shine

Having a clean home is not only important for personal hygiene but it can also improve your social status. Practicing routines to clean your home can make it look clean and inviting. There are several ways to make your home sparkle, including adding a steamer to your cleaning arsenal.

Adding a steamer to your cleaning arsenal

Adding a steamer to your cleaning routine can help you tackle a variety of cleaning tasks. It can kill dust mites, revive the fibres of clothing, and freshen up the scent of bedding. A steam cleaner is great for both interior and exterior surfaces. It can also be used to clean rugs, curtains, throws, and decorative cushions.

Dusting low areas

A good duster can go above and below, reaching high and low areas. The best feather dusters use ostrich feathers, while real lamb’s wool dusters are also a good choice. Swiffer dusters are another option. Before you dust, always turn off the ceiling fans in your home. You can also use a microfiber dusting cloth to reach high and low surfaces. You should also dust curtains. Glass surfaces such as mirrors and windows should be wiped with a dry or damp cloth.

Keeping dust under control is essential for keeping your home looking pristine. More items on a shelf mean more dust. To reduce the risk of accumulating dust, keep books on the front of the shelf and put shoes, purses, stuffed animals, and stuffed toys in plastic bins. Also, avoid placing collectibles on low shelves, as they are prime places for dust.

Dusting picture frame & glass

Dusting picture frame & glass to make home shine can help maintain a beautiful look for your pictures. Regular dusting can help prevent dust from distracting from the picture itself. You can use a lamb’s wool, synthetic, or feather duster to dust your picture frames. Be sure to be gentle and avoid knocking over the artwork when dusting.

Depending on how often you dust, you may need to be a little more thorough in your dusting. If you use a feather duster, use it to dust the sides and top ledge of the frame. For tough to reach areas, try a Duster for Small Spaces.

Dusting the picture frame & glass

If you have a picture in a frame, you can keep it looking new by dusting it regularly. Dusting is also helpful if you want to avoid scratching the frame and glass. Some frames need cleaning on a regular basis, such as when you change the pictures. Similarly, you can clean mirrors with a duster. The trick is to be gentle when dusting.

You should be careful with your cleaning solution, as different picture frames have different finishes and materials. You should use a mild cleaner that will not damage the frame.

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