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5 Tips For Choosing Woman Swimming Suit For Your Body

Choosing Swimming Suit For Your Body Type

On bright summer days, nothing is more wonderful than wearing a beautiful swimming suit on the beach. If you are worried about your figure, let’s explore how to choose a swimsuit for your body type to make you look beautiful and attractive. Following our tips below will definitely be a big help! As long as you know the tips below, you will surely choose a swimming suit perfectly!

Choose a swimming suit for apple-shaped 

The typical feature of the apple body shape is that most of the weight is on the upper part of the body. They will look like they will have a large chest and belly, and the waistline is difficult to see while the small hips gradually decrease to the bottom. Their apple-shaped limbs are also quite small.

Important note on how to choose a swimsuit for the apple body shape: Avoid focusing on the abdomen and bust. Instead, choose a swimming suit that emphasizes the shoulders, neck, arms, or legs to make the body look more balanced.

Choose a swimming suit for apple-shaped


  • The swimsuit part should be tight and have a simple and gentle design. Swimsuits should have ruffled details, subtle cut-outs, or fancy textures. The goal is to draw attention to the lower body.
  • Swimwear with ruffles, pleats, and lace at the waist will help hide your rather large belly.
  • If you don’t like two-piece swimsuits, one-piece toys are also very flattering to the apple figure.
  • An apple-shaped woman can also wear a swimming suit with a chiffon waist or a belt to create the illusion of a slimmer waistline.
  • With a 2-piece swimming suit, the uppers that are suitable for an apple-shaped woman: two-piece swimsuit, camisole, and hard-rimmed to help highlight your hot curves.

Choosing swimsuits for a girl is really different from choosing men’s swim trunks (which you can find at FairHarbor swim trunks review), so following those tips will make it easier for you on choosing suitable swimwear.  

Choose a swimming suit that suits your pear body shape

The girl with a pear-shaped body (also known as the teardrop type) has the following characteristics: Open bust, small shoulders, slim waist, gradually expanding below. Curvy hips, big thighs, full butt. Therefore, the right way to choose a swimsuit for a pear-shaped woman will be the opposite of an apple-shaped one. That means you should emphasize the upper part of the body. To deceive the eye of the surrounding, avoid looking at the lower part which makes you look a lot more balanced.

Suggestions on how to choose bathing suit size:

  • Choose swimsuits with vibrant, fancy, or ruffled patterns, etc. in the upper part to give more attention and fullness to the shoulders and bust.
  • The ruffled and lace-up swimsuit model is extremely suitable for girls with pear body shape 
  • If you only choose a monochrome, solid-color swimsuit, then choose a swimming suit with a darker color for the lower body.
  • Swimsuits in the form of skirts are also an ideal choice for her to walk with large thighs.
  • A girl with a pear-shaped body will have a very beautiful waist. So wear a bold one-piece swimsuit to show off this slim beauty.

Refer to our tips on choosing flattering tops for flat chests to have more detailed suggestions. 

Choose a swimming suit for banana/ruler/rectangle shaped

A ruler’s body shape (also known as a banana or rectangular shape) will have hips and busts almost the same and not too different from the waist.

Ruler/banana/rectangle-shaped women have the following characteristics: The hip and bust are almost equal, and the waistline is not obvious. 3-round measurement as one is the phrase that commonly is used to call women with a ruler shape.

Therefore, the goal of choosing a swimming suit suitable for a banana body shape is to emphasize the bust and the chest. With this figure, choosing a swimsuit is not too difficult, because she looks very slim, so wearing a swimsuit will be attractive.

Choose a swimming suit for banana/ruler/rectangle shaped


  • Priority should be given to choosing swimwear designed with ruffles, fringes, and folds to make the three rings look fuller.
  • Choose swimming suit designs with vibrant colors and textures.
  • One-piece strap swimsuits look better.
  • You should wear a tubular or triangle swimming suit to show off your flat abs.

Choose a swimming suit for an hourglass figure

You are lucky to have an hourglass figure. This is a well-balanced body from top to bottom with features such as a very slim waist, a large bust, and hips. People with an hourglass body shape are also diverse. They can be round and fat, but they can also be tall and beautiful. However, the three-round measurements are very proportionate to each other. So how to pick the right swimsuit for an hourglass figure is not a hard question.


  • Symmetrical textured swimsuit, high-waisted retro-inspired swimwear with a mid-rise bust. These swimsuits are perfect for women with hourglass figures.
  • Swimwear designs with contrasting dark and bright colors also help her to flatter her figure.
  • Girls with an hourglass shape should wear matching swimming suits from top to bottom. Swimwear designs with different patterns on top and bottom will make you look unbalanced. 
  • Meanwhile, you should also not wear patterned swimsuits and solid-color pants because your bust and hip measurements are almost the same. There’s no need to press on anything other than your waistline, as it will make you look disproportionate.

Choose a swimming suit for an inverted triangle body shape

Girls with an inverted triangle (strawberry) body usually have thin legs and modest three rounds. Typical of an inverted triangle shape with broad shoulders, broad chest, and smaller hips than shoulders.

If you want to choose a beautiful swimsuit according to the inverted triangle shape, remember: Avoid creating highlights on the upper body. Focus on drawing attention to your hips to make you look fuller in the bust. So it’s best to avoid revealing V-neck swimsuits, don’t need too thick padding (if the bust is too small). Cross-neck swimwear, halter neck, off-shoulder, big strap swimwear or tube top, etc. are not suitable for women with an inverted triangle body.


  • Swimwear design with thin strings, simple design, and synchronized motifs from top to bottom. It’s the best swimsuit for an inverted triangle figure.
  • Classic round-neck swimwear can help create a flourishing three-ring visual effect.
  • The busty swimsuit helps you with a strawberry shape to increase your charm.
  • If you have a beautiful waist, don’t be afraid to show it off, thoroughly respect your slim waist. If you have big biceps, choose a long-sleeve swimsuit to hide your flaws. And if you have large thighs, choose high-waisted swimsuits to make your legs look longer.
  • Don’t forget to choose a deep V-neck swimsuit if you have a hot bust.


Hopefully, some of the above swimwear tips will help you choose a swimming suit that looks perfect on you. On your next trip to the beach, don’t forget these tips on choosing the right swimsuit that we have just suggested to you! Find your beautiful pieces of swimming suits at Magicsuit vs Miraclesuit or Shein stores without spending too much with tons of coupons you can find at FindCouponHere. We hope you have the best experience this summer!

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