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Animated video content can become the main ally in your marketing strategy. Why? Because animated explainer videos that a video animation company develops are engaging and fun to watch. At the same time, these videos look cool, specifically due to the animated cartoon characters they have. Using animated cartoon characters in a video also helps brands strengthen their bond with the target audience. Animated explainer videos not only help brands meet their marketing goals but also benefit them with a greater ROI.

Moreover, we are going to tell you about how cartoon animation explainers can help brands stand out among their competitors.

Why Are Cartoon Animation Videos the Right Choice?

There are various reasons for brands to deploy cartoon animation videos to stand out in the competition. Here they are:

1. Cartoon Animation Videos Are Highly Popular: Video marketing offers brands a wide range of possibilities to connect with their audience. Brands can effectively connect with their audience with the right type of video content. Further, it depends on the marketing goals of brands to choose a specific video type for branding. Animated explainer videos, in particular, help brands deliver a message to the audience in a fun and engaging manner.

In addition, cartoon animation explainers are the most popular videos among different types of explainer videos. It is due to a reason, that is, they give brands a dose of emotion and personality within seconds. For the same reason, cartoon animations help many brands stand out from the competition. Besides, you can make your own animated cartoon to effectively deploy your cartoon animation video for storytelling.

2. Animated Characters in Videos Benefit Brands in Various Ways: Animated characters are the essence behind cartoon animation videos. Besides, cartoon animation videos allow brands to humanize their videos in a way that no other video type can do. Animated characters in cartoon animation videos benefit brands in various ways, which we have mentioned below:

a. Nostalgic Storytelling Attract Customers Toward a Brand: Animated characters in a video allow brands to nostalgically communicate their brand story to the audience. These videos not only make the audience feel comfortable and entertained but also let them believe how products of a certain brand can help them.

b. Custom Animation Increases Results for Brand: When brands use custom animated characters in a marketing video, it improves results for them. It is because the use of animated characters reflecting your target audience generates a strong bond between your brand and the audience. Moreover, the use of custom-animated characters in a cartoon animation video lets the audience feel that the video is made for them. As a result, it boosts conversions and eventually sales for brands.

c. Cartoon Animation Is a Good Choice No Matter Whether Your Business Is B2C or B2B: Cartoon animations that a video animation company like Glowza Digital, creates are equally good for B2B and B2C businesses. Cartoon animations enhance the connection of brands even more with their viewers. If you are a B2B company, you can give your brand a more personal and human approach with cartoon animations. Moreover, you may also know the popularity of these explainer videos among B2C companies.

d. It Is Possible to Make Your Cartoon Animation Videos Look Versatile: You can merge character animation or cartoon animation videos with other explainer videos to accomplish better results. We recommend mixing cartoon animation with whiteboard or motion graphics to get the best of both worlds with your video.

3. Cartoon Animation Videos Are Enchanting: Cartoon animation videos are very effective, and there are various reasons for them. One of the obvious reasons for these videos to work for brands is their enchantment. Nevertheless, several elements as a whole make cartoon animation enchanting for viewers to watch. The following are three elements that make cartoon animations fascinating to watch:

a. Use of Empathy: Animated characters have the potential to generate strong empathy from the viewers toward a brand. When viewers watch cartoon animation videos, they get the same feeling that the character in a video is experiencing. Whether it is happiness or sorrow, it is empathy that plays a key role in involving people with the story. Further, the eagerness in viewers to know how the characters solve their problem lead them to eventually take an action. As a result, brands achieve their marketing goals.

b. Viewers Identify Animated Characters Much Closer to Them: When viewers watch animated characters in a video that look similar to them, they develop a strong feeling towards them. It does not only make a video more appealing, engaging, and impressive. But also help brands win the trust of their customers.

c. Use of Humor in Cartoon Animations Boosts Engagement: The use of humor in cartoon animations allows brands to boost the engagement of their customers even further. A video with an element of humor also becomes more entertaining and memorable for viewers. As a result, brands kill two birds with one stone, delivering their business idea successfully while making the viewers happy.

When Should You Choose Cartoon Animations for Your Business?

If your answer to all of the following questions is yes, cartoon animations are right for your business:

1. Do you want to make a super short video, under 60 to 90 seconds?
2. Do you want to provide your video with a more human approach?
3. Do you want to make your audience laugh with a video?

Tips to Make Your Cartoon Animation Explainer Videos Stand out

• Make sure the video is 100% customized.
• Also, ensure that your video is of high quality.
• It is important that you keep the length of your video under 60 to 90 seconds.
• Make sure your video has a professional voice-over.
• Make sure you use colors in your video that perfectly reflect your brand.


Cartoon animation explainer videos that a professional video animation company can create benefit brands in various ways. Further, the following are some good reasons for brands to choose cartoon animations for marketing:

1. Cartoon Animation Videos Are Highly Popular
2. Animated Characters in Videos Benefit Brands in Various Ways
3. Cartoon Animation Videos Are Enchanting

Lastly, you may choose a cartoon animation explainer video to promote your brand with a more human approach.

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