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Blue Rock Search: Your Executive Search Consultant

Blue Rock Search is an MBE-certified, 100% female-owned executive search firm, an SRA Network member, a top 10 global recruiting firm, and a member of the Hunt Scanlon HR Diversity Recruiting Power 65.

We employ a four-practice approach to identify, evaluate, and place executives in 4 distinct practice areas: human resource management, franchising, higher education, and customer experience.

The partners of Blue Rocks are trusted, articulate thought leaders with decades of experience in their respective fields. Our solutions and services are designed to meet each client’s distinct requirements and be continuously updated as our relationship evolves.

Finding Great Leaders That Build Great Organizations

Blue Rock Search can help you target and find HR executives and Diversity leaders that please your company. Our HR Executive & Diversity MBE Certified search practice specializes in finding passive talent perfect for your particular role at any level.

We provide Blue Rock systems, processes, technology, and tools specifically designed to resolve your human resources specialist executive search needs and fill primary roles. The skills and experience of the people at Blue Rock are critical to our success in the HR executive search.

MBE Certified, minority-owned executive search firm

In 2021, after completing the certification process for Minority Business Enterprise Certification, Blue Rock won the status of certified MBE.

Blue Rock Search LLC is accustomed to working with MBE-certified organizations and assists them in several ways. It will help your corporation tap into a broad talent pool, Enrich, and strengthen supplier diversity. Attract talented executives interested in gaining opportunities at organizations committed to diversity and social progress.

The Right HR Talent to Propel You Forward

Your first step as human resources executive at Blue Rock is to become familiar with you, your business, and your organization’s culture, goals, and working environment.

You need a professional profile matched with HR or Diversity Executive and a leader with the right skills and motivation to drive your organization and culture forward.

Blue Rock Search has the technology, tools, and resources necessary for identifying, sourcing, selecting, and landing talent in the highly sought-after human resources industry. We adopt a systematic hiring process with our Internal Search Process Roadmap that identifies and advertises top talent within human resources and diverse industries.


Blue Rock Search is an MBE Certified, Minority-Owned executive search firm that can help you find the right HR talent to propel your organization forward. With their customized approach and use of innovative technologies, they are committed to helping organizations build great leaders and achieve success. Blue Rock Search has proven itself as an experienced and reliable partner in the executive search process from beginning to end. Reach out to them today and learn how they can help you identify and recruit the best leaders for your organization.

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