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Best party places in Dubai in December?


From the extremely hot weather, the atmosphere change in Dubai. The temperature drops to 25°C or even less sometimes in December. Moreover, the beauty of Dubai doubles in winter. Many tourists and locals love this time. They buckle up to explore the beauty of Dubai. In December, many festivals will happen in the town. For example, Christmas and New year are some famous ones. Therefore, Dubai has something for everyone.

We can celebrate parties with friends and family in Dubai. There are a variety of party places with inside and outside sittings. Therefore, anyone can book privately and have a party. Following are some best party places in Dubai:

  1. Desert safari 

In December, there will be cold at night. But in the daytime, desert safari proves to be a perfect location. Any party with friends, family, or colleagues is done here. Furthermore, highly professional caterers change the dunes into a spacious hall. Moreover, everything will be available to the guests. From food to other entertainment like live music is there on demand. Therefore, guests will love the idea of choosing the desert safari. You can have some games like 4×4 or jeep ride to entertain the guests.

  1. The restaurant at The Address

There are around 9 restaurants in The Address hotel. Therefore, the restaurants offer different cuisines of delicious taste. In December, whether it is day or night indoor service suits everyone. Thus, you can enjoy the party fully. Moreover, the team of the restaurant serves the best food to the guests. Any type of entertainment is easily available for the guests on demand.

  1. Dubai Marina 

Try something different and unique when traveling in Dubai. Man-made canal city, Dubai marina is famous for the yachts and dhow cruises. Dhow cruise Dubai marina offers a traditional touch. Cruise along the Arabian gulf and enjoy quality time. It is the wooden boat that is available on a shared basis mostly. Experience the heritage of Dubai while cruising. Profession staff will serve the best quality food variety to make your party successful. offers a variety of yachts from 33 ft to 220 ft in size for a different party. Book for a suitable yacht depending upon the type of event. Yachts prove to be the best private yacht party Dubai venue. Some famous yachts are Lotus mega yacht and Gugu yacht. Guests enjoy the skyline buildings. The crew will make the guests relax under the blue sky. Don’t forget to save the memories for the future. Witness the beautiful sunset during the winters. Everyone will sink deep into its beauty. Moreover, the party will become memorable for all the guests.

  1. Grand Hyatt Dubai

The perfect place for parties and big events is Grand Hyatt Dubai. However, it offers a spacious hall for party gatherings. The world-class interior makes the event adorable. Guests can experience a wide range of delicious food cuisines. The staff serves it in an elegant style. The luxurious amenities make the party memorable for everyone. There are many locations in the hotel where guests can capture beautiful moments.

  1. W Dubai-The Palm

There is a private beach resort with all the luxurious facilities. Guests enjoy the private party in full enjoyment. Furthermore, the 5-star buffet is available to the diners. The amazing structure attracts the guests. The beautiful interior is the perfect setting for the event. The location leaves an everlasting impression. It refreshes the soul and body. The addition of live music adds to the joy of the event. Moreover, guests experience the beauty of landmarks. It offers to witness the skyline buildings. Staff provides everything necessary for the party.

  1. Dubai world trade center

The best space for arranging a private party or big gatherings. There is a variety of halls that are designed for events. Furthermore, the staff offers a variety of food cuisines. Guests can roam around the hall. They can enjoy the beautiful architecture. Therefore, take photographs and share them with others as well.

  1. Burj Khalifa

The tallest and perfect setting for the party in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is one of the most beautiful wonders in the world. People come to explore its architecture and design. Moreover, the huge area makes it a perfect place. The design of the building attracts everyone. Professional staff will never let you down. They serve their best to guests. Many beautiful landscapes are visible from the top floor. Moreover, people capture beautiful views and their memorable pictures.



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