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Benefits of Marketing via Podcast for Your Startup

The use of podcasts has continued to gain popularity in recent years. Previously, only a few businesses trusted podcast marketing, and the rest did not see it as an effective strategy. But all that has changed now. Many influencers and celebrities have started to have a podcast, and they all have their topic. Many people now listen to podcasts, especially indoors. 

Due to the growth of this platform, it has also become an opportunity for startup marketing agencies to take advantage of the increase in the number of people enjoying this platform to help businesses shift to it. Today, we will pay attention to the benefits a startup company can get when switching to podcast marketing.

But before that, let’s have a deeper understanding of podcast marketing.

What is Podcast Marketing?

In podcast marketing, you create and distribute unique audio content to advertise yourself, your products, or your services.

By sharing free content with listeners, you can influence and inform them about how your products or services can benefit them.

What to Do to Start a Podcast?

Starting a podcast is very good for your startup business, but there is no silver bullet to achieving good results immediately. You start from nothing until you establish or grow your listener on this platform. 

Here are some of the things you should consider if you’re going to start podcast marketing.

  • Select a podcast topic to which you can commit.
  • Choose your podcast’s title.
  • Create an entertaining podcast description.
  • Choose your podcast’s format.
  • Get artwork and music for your podcast.
  • Purchase your podcast equipment and test your software.

All of that is essential for you to consider, but it will be worth it when you start getting listeners and buyers from that effort. It is good to start your podcast marketing immediately. But if your time can’t handle this strategy because of other essential things, there are marketing companies for startups that can do it for you. 

This will help because they have experience from previous clients who have started establishing themselves in podcast marketing. You won’t have difficulties coming up with content because marketing companies for startups know more about what content is entertaining and relevant to people.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of establishing podcast marketing.

Podcasts Are Engaging

Unlike other forms of content, podcasts are highly engaging. In this strategy, the follower will only listen while the topic plays. They can listen to the podcast while they are cooking, walking, or driving. A podcast does not require your full attention, so you can multitask while listening to one. Because podcasts are very easy for the audience to follow, they are gaining popularity. 

With podcast marketing, you can build loyal listeners, even if you don’t look for them for the newest episodes. The most recent episodes will automatically be downloaded to the subscribers’ preferred devices upon release. Podcasts also encourage active participation, as podcast listeners devote more than 25% of their time to podcast listening. As a result, the popularity of podcasts is more significant than expected. 

Branding for startups is easy for this platform because you can mention your brand while listeners are engaged in your discussion. They will remember your brand more easily because they hear it over and over again. But when you overdo your branding, it may result in your listener leaving because they will think that your only purpose is to sell them and not provide quality content.

Brand Visibility Is Enhanced Through Podcasts

As podcast marketing continues to become more and more popular, the platform is also experiencing an increase in the number of people enjoying it. In that event, branding is easier for startups, but of course, you must have good content to offer them so that you magnetize them to your brand. 

One of the best methods is collaborating with other professionals, influencers, or other startup marketing agencies that can help get listeners’ attention. Do not collaborate with your competitor because only one thing can happen; you will gain more customers, you will gain nothing, or you will split the outcomes of collaboration.

Podcasts Create Stronger Bonds With the Audience

Establishing a stronger bond with the audience is one of the best advantages of podcasts over other marketing strategies. This is because podcasts seem like they are talking to the listeners. Because the sound from the podcast comes directly to the ears, it has become easy for listeners to learn more about each topic and enjoy listening. 

Most people who listen to podcasts are the ones who jog, eat, walk, go to the gym, just want to be alone, etc. The podcast directly affects the listeners because the stories and experiences discussed on the platform are relatable to them. 

Podcasts Increases Website Traffic and SEO Strategy

SEO is very important in a website to increase the number of visitors. Why does a podcast help a website? One of the main reasons for this is that when some listeners follow your content, they will come to your website repeatedly to find out if you have uploaded a new episode. 

After you produce the podcast, you can embed its link on your webpage. And to increase the number of people who will visit the website and podcast, you can also adjust its title and description to be keyword-friendly. Podcast marketing increases the chance that your website and podcast will appear in the SERP. Another advantage is that you can also turn your podcast content into a written blog on your website.

Final Thought

Even though you’re a new company, that doesn’t mean you can’t do what big companies do. It still depends on how you strategize your business on the platform you choose to explore. Podcast marketing is very easy to do, but you still have to consider executing it properly. You have the choice to do it alone, or you can hire a startup branding agency that can do it for you.

Now you know what podcast marketing is and its benefits. Deciding whether to experience this strategy or stay in your comfort zone is up to you.

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