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Authentic Himalayan Food during Trekking in Nepal

Traveling to Nepal for trekking is a dream for many travelers and adventure lovers. The mesmerizing view and the adventure during any trek in Nepal is a very big reasons to trek in Nepal.

The trek brings an opportunity to introduce your taste buds to some authentic Himalayan dishes which quench the soul. As the altitude increase during the trek, one needs good food to keep the body going, and this is what authentic Himalayan food is all about.

Flavorful, warm, and yummy are the best three words that can define the Himalayan dishes. The food is served in small restaurants and tea houses owned by the locals and hence is authentic and feels homely.

Hygiene and cleanliness are perfectly maintained in most tea houses to make sure that your trekking journey is safe and secure. The food becomes one of the best parts for many trekkers visiting Nepal and a big reason for their other visits.

Also, the Himalayan dishes can be modified according to your eating habits. Whether, you are a vegan, vegetarian, or have allergies to certain food items these dishes can be perfectly transformed to your liking.

As a foodie, the Himalayan dishes will surely occupy your top favorite cuisine list for sure. The following food items are commonly available along various trekking routes in Nepal, including the most popular Everest Trek.



Thukpa is an authentic Tibetan dish that is very popular in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. The dish consists of boiled home-mode noodles served with warm flavorful soup.

The soup is made up of blended spices and vegetables. The dish is served hot and hence is very popular in the cold regions. Slurping the noodles and the soup together is one of the best combos especially when the soup is so flavorful and perfectly sour and spicy at the same time.


Some add-ons on thukpa can be made according to your liking such as an egg, seasonal vegetable of your choice, chicken, buff, etc. Thukpa is a dish one can enjoy during any meal of the day.

Thukpa and cold weather are truly a match made in heaven. It keeps your body warm, keeps it full, and gives you the energy to survive the freezing cold. It is hence one of the staple food in the upper regions of the country.


Momo is a very popular dish all over Nepal. It has origins in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Momo is a type of steamed dumpling with a flavorful filling.

It is usually served with a spicy sauce made with roasted spices. Momo is eaten all over Nepal and is one of the most common foods cooked in most households.


They are soft, yummy, and cooked to perfection. Moving towards the Himalayan region, momo becomes more authentic as the locals use the original and old recipes unlike in other cities of the country.

A juicy momo dipped in spicy sauce is a blessing to the taste buds. They fill you up and are a perfect dish when you need something comforting.

Momo is easily available in almost all tea houses and restaurants one finds during the trek. The local Nepalese eat these during lunch or dinner.

A plate of hot freshly served moms can be the best part of your day. They can be served fried, with soup or spicy ketchup.


Dal Bhat

Dal is a Nepali word for lentil soup and Bhat means rice. Dal Bhat is usually served with other side dishes which can be mixed with the rice to make it tastier.

Dal Bhat is usually served with vegetables (including potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, etc) stir-fried with spices, pickles, and salad as a side dish.

A complete set of Dal Bhat along with other side dishes is called a Thakali. Chicken meat or any other type of meat with some gravy can also be served as a side dish to be eaten with rice.


One can also choose to eat this dish with Roti which is a flat round bread instead of rice. Nepali people consume it as their meal at least one time during the day.

From the Himalayan region to the valleys and the Terrai, this dish is eaten by people all over the country. It is one of the reasons behind the energy and fitness of Nepalese locals.

This dish tastes even better when eaten with hands as per the locals. It is rarely a case where one would not find it as a dish in the hotels as it is readily available everywhere.


Dhido is an authentic Himalayan dish that is irreplaceable. This dish has several dietary benefits and helps to keep your body warm.

It can be your best friend on a tiring trekking day when you are looking for a dish to fill you up with energy and keep you full.


Dhido is a very thick doughy porridge that is served with a soupy vegetable or meat cooked in a spicy and flavorful gravy. Dido can be made from different kinds of grains like corn, buckwheat, etc.

It is cooked on low flame along with salt and water until a thick and soft doughy texture is obtained. It is one such dish that is super yummy and healthy at the same time.

Local Himalayan people having jobs that require intense energy prefer the dish to keep them going during cold conditions.

Dido from one of the local tea houses during the trek can be the most authentic and original version of the dish one can find.

Yak Meat

If you are a meat lover, you should surely try yak meat from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Since yaks are found in large numbers in the Himalayan region, fresh Yak meat is readily available in the trekking regions of Nepal.

One can find several dishes made from yak meat in the local restaurants during the trek. Yak meat marinated in spices or fried is included in many local Himalayan foods.

Yak meat has a little different taste compared to regular meat. It has a peculiar meaty and chewy texture which is very addictive.


Please note that the availability of these food items may vary depending on the specific trekking route and the season. It is always advisable to consult local guides or teahouse owners for the most up-to-date information on food options along the trekking routes in Nepal.


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