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Atlas Copco XAS 137: What Does the 137 Stand For?

atlas copco xas 137

If you’ve heard the Atlas Copco XAS 137, you may have wondered what the ‘137’ stands for. Many people need to be made aware of the significance of this number. It is imperative to understand the capabilities and features of this model from the Atlas Copco range. In this guide, we will discuss the meaning of the ‘137’ in the Atlas Copco XAS 137 and explore how this number impacts performance.

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The 137 in the model name refers to the compressor’s air CFM.

What can the 137 models be used for?

What are other models of Atlas Copco?

The 137 in the model name refers to the compressor’s air CFM.

Atlas Copco XAS 137 is a reliable and efficient compressor producing high-quality compressed air output. The 137 in the model name refers to the compressor’s CFM, or cubic feet per minute, of air. CFM is a measure of the volume of air that can be delivered over some time, and the XAS 137 produces 137 CFM of air. This means it can deliver up to 137 cubic feet of air per minute, making it an ideal choice for many applications with a steady stream of compressed air. Its robust construction and innovative design make it highly durable and long-lasting. This relatively high rating means the compressor can provide substantial air for applications such as automotive repair, sandblasting, and industrial painting.

What can the 137 models be used for? 

Atlas Copco XAS 137 compressors can produce a powerful 137 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, making them perfect for various uses, such as powering pneumatic tools and inflating car tires. This is the highest CFM rating of any Atlas Copco compressor and is ideal for large volumes of air applications. The compressor’s high air output allows it to keep up with demanding work conditions, while its low noise ensures a pleasant working environment. With its sturdy construction, reliable performance, and affordable price, the Atlas Copco XAS 137 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable air compressor.

What are other models of Atlas Copco?

Atlas Copco is a leading manufacturer of air compressors, with many different models on the market today. Some of their popular models include the XAS 97, XAS 147, and XAS 177, all offering higher CFM than the Atlas Copco XAS 137. These models are designed for projects, from small-scale work to larger industrial jobs. The XAS 97 is perfect for light-duty jobs such as painting and nailing, while the XAS 147 is excellent for medium-duty tasks like sandblasting and grinding. Finally, the XAS 177 is the best choice for large-scale projects such as demolition and construction. 

For more information on these models and what they can do, visit Atlas Copco’s website or speak with an expert. Each Atlas Copco XAS model has unique features and benefits, so it’s essential to understand the differences before selecting a model. The “137” in the Atlas Copco XAS 137 stands for this model’s Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) capacity; at 13 HP, this compressor produces an impressive average output of 137 CFM. This makes it ideal for lighter-duty applications that don’t require higher flow rates, such as general cleaning, plumbing, and automotive repair. 

Furthermore, it comes standard with auto-stop technology that allows it to shut off automatically once its maximum pressure has been reached, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency. With its compact size and low noise levels, the Atlas Copco XAS 137 is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for power and performance in a smaller package.

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