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Tech Review – Is It Worth Using For Rewriting Articles Or Waste Of Time

articlere is one of the leading online toolkits for content rewriting today. It has become the go-to option for many writers and content creators. Many writers and students go with this software as the primary option to save time and write content efficiently.

But is the tool worth it? Does it offer good features and quality that you would hope for from such a tool? Or does it waste your time, and you would have to rewrite the text on your own anyway? This article is meant to provide answers to those questions, as we will analyze:

  •       The key features of;
  •       Its abilities in terms of rewriting text;
  •       The quality that it provides;
  •       And additional tools that help with rewriting.

Therefore, let’s dive right into it and understand the basics, features, and abilities of

What Is

Article Rewriter is an online toolkit aimed at rewriting text. The tool offers three main content modes called Word Changer, Sentence Changer, and Plagiarism Remover. Therefore, the idea behind this tool is to help writers who:

  •       Wish to replace words with alternative words/synonyms;
  •       Wish to rewrite sentences without altering the meaning;
  •       And wish to remove plagiarism without compromising quality.

The main purpose of the tool is to rewrite content while saving time and ensuring quality. It offers a 1000-word limit, so you can rewrite 1K words at a time.

Some pros and cons of using this online text rewriting tool are:


  •       1000-word limit
  •       Three content modes
  •       Quick & effective rewriting
  •       10 languages supported


  •       A couple of languages need some work

Key Features Of

The useful features of lie within its main interface. It offers a very simple and effective UI design, including two main boxes (i.e. Input and Output):

The toolkit offers three main content modes in this main UI design, and they are as follows:

  •       Word Changer
  •       Sentence Changer
  •       Plagiarism Remover

Word Changer is focused on altering the content by replacing specific words with synonyms. While a sentence changer might alter the structure and voice of the sentence, i.e., passive to active or vice versa. Plagiarism remover, on the other hand, offers a lot more than the first two modes.

This mode rewrites content by replacing words with synonyms, altering the sentence structure, and shifting the content voice slightly to remove any sort of duplicity. That means you can use the third mode to change the tone of your own content as well.

Then you have 10 languages supported by this tool, which are as follows:

  •       English
  •       Spanish
  •       Indonesian
  •       Portuguese
  •       Dutch/Netherlands
  •       German/Deutsche
  •       Polish
  •       Russian
  •       Italian

Then you can upload the content directly into it, copy or paste it, or simply load the sample data to check out the working of the tool.

Using To Rewrite Articles

Now let’s answer the real question here. Is really worth it? Let’s try its three modes to rewrite the text and see how it works.

·       Word Changer

The first mode is the word changer. This allows you to replace specific words in your content with alternative/better synonyms. As mentioned before, you can upload or copy/paste your content into the tool. Then, when you rewrite an article using this method, here’s what you get:

As you can see that the text here is rewritten quite profusely. But the sentence or paragraph structure is intact. That indicates that this mode, indeed, only changes the words with synonyms. And as you can also see, the word selection is quite natural, so it doesn’t look forced or robotic.

·       Sentence Changer

The sentence changer is the second mode, and this one is expected to change the content quite a bit. It may not replace as many words, but it might shift the structure of paragraphs and sentences. Here’s what it does:


It’s clear to see that the sentences have changed somewhat. They have a lot more clarity, and the tone is intact instead of breaking as in the original text. This also indicates that sentence changer can be a viable mode for those who wish to improve the flow/readability of their article simply and effectively.

·       Plagiarism Remover

Plagiarism remover mode can only be checked on plagiarized content. So, first, let’s scan a plagiarized article from Search Engine Land with Article Rewriter’s plagiarism checker. After completing the check, we have got the below results:

As we can see here, the content is 100% plagiarized as it was already published online. Now, we are going to rewrite the plagiarized text to see whether the plagiarism remover mode removes the instances of plagiarism or not. Here’s what we got after completing the rewriting process:

This clearly indicates that plagiarism remover is the mode that changes the most about the published article. This includes changing content structure, quality, voice, tone, etc. But does it help remove plagiarism? Let’s scan the rewritten text:

As you can notice, the plagiarism remover mode turned 100% plagiarized text into 100% unique text. This show that the tool has the ability to remove and lessen the chances of plagiarism in articles and other work.

Additional Tools Of thinks of itself as the complete solution to rewriting. That’s why it provides additional tools that could be handy to writers, such as:

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is one of the leading tools in this toolkit, and you saw the work it does above. The tool offers a basic UI design that allows you to upload or paste the content you wish to scan:

And once the scan is done, it shows you the results like this:

That means you get a comparison between unique and plagiarized text, the percentage of plagiarism, as well as the original source/link.

Pros and cons of this tool:


  •       Shows plagiarism percentage
  •       Able to scan 1000-words at a time
  •       Shows content source/link


  •       No plagiarism report generator

Grammar Checker

The grammar checker is another great software in this toolkit, and it’s ideal for those looking to correct their grammar before or after using the article rewriter.

This program also allows around 1000 words, so you can easily correct a hefty amount of content without any issues.

Pros and cons of this tool:


  •       Corrects 1000+ words easily
  •       Very easy UI design
  •       Shows corrections and suggestions


  •       No option to correct all at once

Text Summarizer

The text summarizer is another good option for academic or professional writers. This program can condense any text into a few lines like this:

But there’s a lack of a summary-length selector, and that might be a drawback for some users.

Pros and cons of this tool:


  •       Very easy to use
  •       10+ languages
  •       1000+words


  •       No summary length selector

Wrap-Up: Is Worth It?

The simple answer is yes, worth using for rewriting articles with AI modes. This online tool offers some of the best rewriting techniques based on its three content modes. There are some drawbacks, like ads and lack of content voice changers, etc. But you can work around that by trying different modes and seeing which rewriting mode works the best for you.

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