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9 Absolute Best NBA Games Of All Time

NBA Games

There is an excitement that comes along with basketball games. The NBA is a league where you and your friends can expect the unexpected as magic happens in seconds and the underdogs come out on top.

NBA betting odds can never be trusted, and do you know why? It takes only a few crazy seconds for the game to be turned on its head.

You and your friends have probably witnessed many unforgettable NBA matches in history. One page cannot fit the many memorable games seen in our rich history. So, we have selected nine of the best iconic NBA games ever.

1. Mavericks 95 against Heat 93 2011

After five years of defeat, the Mavericks came back for revenge in the second game in 2011. Dirk Nowitzki led the Mavs from a 15-point deficit through the quarter.

The game ended at 22-5, capped by Dirk’s layup that stunned the Heat and LeBron. That year, Dallas won the championship for the first time with the help of Dirk and Mavs, ousted the Heat in six games, and humbled the super team that was newly founded in Miami.

Will the Mavericks make history in the preseason game against the Timberwolves this year and change the NBA scores today in the 21st century?

2. San Antonio 96 against Detroit 95 (OT) 2005

At the end of the 2004-2005 season, the Spurs had won their third title but required seven full games to achieve that feat. There was a tie throughout the first four games, but during the fifth game, San Antonio broke the record by featuring 12 lead changes with 18 links.

The best part of the game was when Horry Robert knocked down a go-ahead 3-pointer with just 5.8 seconds remaining. Robert’s performance was overshadowed by Detroit’s Chauncey Billups and stellar from Tim Duncan, who had 26 points and 19 rebounds.

3. Los Angeles Lakers against Boston Celtics 2010

The Celtics had never lost a game, and all the sports betting odds were against the Lakers during this game. Kobi Bryant only had a few shots and struggled to find his form. The Lakers had a disappointing first march but later found a rhythm with the help of Pau Gasol and Ron Artest.

The Lakers led with three points and tied the scores to the Celtics. However, they won the NBA after Ron launched the most iconic shots from the corner enough to win, with Kobi attaining his fifth win and the Lakers winning for the sixteenth time.

Boston Celtics

4. Boston Celtics against Miami Heat 2012

This was the sixth game during the Eastern Conference, and it was special because it was LeBron James’s redemption story during which he had no ring. LeBron was very upset after the defeat in game five and played with no expression.

As the game unfolded, LeBron was scoring back-to-back for his team. LeBron scored 45 points with five assists and 15 rebounds at the end of the game. Again, this win for the Miami Heat also led them to win the NBA championship.

5. Bulls 90 against Jazz 88 1997

During this game, Michael Jordan was battling the Flu and still managed to put a nail in the Jazz’s coffin several times. He dropped 38 points during game five, which gave the Bulls a 3-2 lead, which they needed desperately since they had lost two games.

This game was called “The Flu Game” and remains the best ever.

6. Cavaliers 93 against Warriors 89 2016

All basketball lovers know that “Game 7” is the best two words in basketball. The Cavaliers against Warriors Game 7 in 2016 was legendary for several reasons.

First, the Cavs and LeBron finished the only comeback from 3-1 in the final history, making Cleveland the champions. Throughout the game, LeBron was a beast and finished with a fantastic chase-down block on Iguodala with a 27-point triple-double in game 7.

The Cavaliers won in this game, one of the best NBA finals ever.

7. Boston Celtics against Phoenix Suns 1976

One of the craziest games in history, which had everything you could imagine in the NBA, was the Boston Celtics against Phoenix Suns in 1976. The game was tied at the end of the fourth quarter, and just a few seconds before the buzzer, John Havlicek scored, keeping Celrics in the lead.

During the second overtime, the Suns took the lead in the last minutes, but John Havlicek scored just as the game was about to end, and the fans rushed to the court two seconds before the end.

In the third overtime, the Celtics won the game by a small margin.

8. Heat 103 against Spurs 100 (OT) 2013

During the sixth game, the legacy of LeBron James was saved ironically by the former Celtic, Ray Allen, when he knocked down a corner three after Chris Bosh had missed and swung it to Allen in the corner.

The Heat won behind Lebron with a 32-point triple-double after the game went to overtime. Miami ended up keeping their consecutive title in the next round.

9. Chicago Bulls against Utah Jazz 1998

This was the last game before Michael Jordan left the Bulls. During this season, the Jazz had tied for the best record in the NBA. The Bulls had enough resources to win despite one player, Scottie, having a back injury.

In the fourth quarter, the Jazz were leading but later tied with the Bulls one minute before the buzzer. Stockton then scored a three-pointer, making Utah take the lead. However, with a few seconds to end, Michael Jordan used a trick and got the ball from Malone, and he miraculously shot and won another title.


The NBA continues to deliver memorable encounters season after season. The thrilling encounter captivates fans worldwide, and these are a few of the best NBA games that continue to delight basketball lovers in history.

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