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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter for Your Needs 

Mobility scooters come in many specs and sizes. While these motorcycles are designed for people with different mobility problems, they differ considerably across several parameters. Some are small and lightweight, whereas others are large and bulky.  

Therefore, picking a mobility scooter that aptly suits your needs is imperative. We’ve outlined the seven invaluable tips when shopping for these innovative motorcycles.

Consider the Size

Size is unarguably the biggest factor to consider when shopping for mobility scooters. While there are many dealerships where you can find mobility scooters for sale near you, it’s essential to pick a scooter that matches your size requirements.  

Small Mobility Scooters 

Small mobility scooters are suitable for maneuvering narrow spaces and negotiating tight corners.  

These scooters are ideal for use in residential premises and shopping centers. They have smaller wheels that give them an equally small turning radius.  

Large Mobility Scooters 

Large mobility scooters are heavy-duty outdoor scooters meant for riding on all terrains. They’re noted for their rugged tires and enhanced suspension systems.  

These scooters also tend to have a more prominent seat accommodating more than one passenger.  

Mid-sized Mobility Scooters 

You might settle for the mid-sized variety if you’re unsure whether you need a small or large mobility scooter.  

Mid-sized scooters provide greater comfort and stability than small scooters. They also have a smaller turning radius than their larger counterparts, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Measure the Weight

Weight and size often go together.  

However, a mobility scooter may still be small but heavy or large but lightweight. So, it’s important to consider weight as an independent factor when shopping for these motorcycles.  

Lighter mobility scooters (those weighing 100 pounds or less) are easier to maneuver but are limited in how many people can ride on them simultaneously. On the flip side, heavier mobility scooters (those weighing 400 pounds or over) can accommodate the weight of the rider and several passengers but are more challenging to maneuver.  

The conventional wisdom is to factor the average weight of the total number of people who can ride on a mobility scooter concurrently before purchasing the motorcycle. 

An old lady in a blue jacket riding a mobility scooter on a quiet lane from behind side view

Decide Between Three- and Four-wheelers

Mobility scooters come in three-wheel and four-wheel varieties. You can pick from either option depending on how you intend to use the motorcycle.  

Three-wheelers provide better speed and maneuverability. These mobility scooters are particularly suitable for navigating narrow alleys and making sharp turns, even if they’re not necessarily small.  

Four-wheel mobility scooters, on the other hand, offer better stability. They’re preferable if you’ll be riding on uneven, slopey, or bumpy terrains.  

Four-wheelers also provide an incredibly comfortable riding experience. That’s due to their stability and the fact that they typically have more legroom.

Assess the Comfort Levels

The comfort levels of a mobility scooter depend primarily on its seating.  

Inspect the scooter’s seat to ensure it’s spacious enough. In this respect, spaciousness denotes how comfortably a scooter chair can accommodate the rider and not necessarily the number of people that can ride on it simultaneously.  

Besides spaciousness, a mobility scooter’s seat should also be ergonomic and well-padded. This allows you to go on long trips without needing to take breaks to relieve the pressure from your bum.  

As mentioned, how comfortable a mobility scooter is also depends on its stability. Consider four-wheelers if you have severe mobility limitations.

Know Its Top Speed

Mobility scooters can achieve speeds ranging from 3 to 18 miles per hour (mph), with 4 mph considered the average speed.  

Ideally, the larger a scooter, the faster it is.  

But perhaps the more important thing to emphasize here is caution while cruising on a mobility scooter. That’s especially true if riding on a three-wheel scooter or along bumpy terrain.  

Avoid speeding at all costs. The last thing you want is to suffer a grievous injury or even fatality while riding a mobility scooter

Understand the Maximum Recommended Incline

Incline refers to the climbing angle. It’s a critical factor when riding a mobility scooter on steep landscapes.  

A mobility scooter’s maximum recommended incline is essentially the maximum angle that the motorcycle can safely travel up a steep slope with all its wheels on the ground.  

Most portable mobility scooters have an incline range between 6 and 8 degrees, whereas heavy-duty scooters can have an incline of up to 12 degrees.  

Understanding the terrain of your driveway and neighborhood may help you pick a mobility scooter with the proper incline angle.

Don’t Forget About the Battery

Mobility scooters operate on rechargeable batteries, with lithium-ion being the most recommended battery for these motorcycles.  

Most lithium-ion batteries can last up to fifty hours before you need to recharge them. If properly maintained, these batteries can serve you for up to thirteen years before they need replacing.  

Besides durability, you also want to consider rechargeability when picking a mobility scooter battery. Insist on batteries that take the shortest time to charge. This allows you to quickly recharge the scooter while on the move. 

Most importantly, practice safe charging tips (such as using the right charger) to prolong the battery’s life.  

Final Word 

Many factors go into picking the right mobility scooter. In the final analysis, remember to buy a scooter highly rated for comfort, strength, speed, and maneuverability. If possible, test-drive the motorcycle before checking it out of the dealership. 



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