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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

In earlier times, when you interacted with a customer, their initial queries mostly used to be about your office’s location or contact number. 

With time, this process transformed, as maximum clients or customers who examine your company often ask about your mobile application. 

Regardless of whether your organization is a B2B or B2C services provider, the development of the mobile app is mandatory today. 

It increases your sales and improves your company’s user experience. The mobile application market has also received a large acceptance from customers. 

According to data, the total number of mobile app downloads in 2021 was 143.6 billion. To understand the concept more, let’s discuss the key reasons to create to mobile app for your business. 

Seven reasons to develop an app for your business 

Following are some key reasons to develop an app for your business – 

A new technique for revenue generation 

Mostly, the venue for sales are offices or physical stores. These venues were later improvised into web portals, allowing the customers to buy products or services after getting the required information online. 

However, the efforts to directly reach the customers are not feasible while performing door-to-door sales. Therefore, the mobile application is the best medium to connect with potential customers personally. 

The mobile application allows the customers to access the product and services with just one click quickly. It builds a feasible, simple and large revenue channel for the companies. Utilizing the mobile application, companies can reach a vast audience globally at a very low cost.  

Brand recognition 

Marketing is a primary tool that helps a company spread its business worldwide. This technique helps the business build its brand image and provide adequate and quality services to customers. In addition, marketing tool helps them maintain their presence in the market. 

Also, it motivates your customers to recognize you as the best destination for their needs. You can achieve a market presence based on the presentability and accessibility of your business. 

A mobile application provides a presence sensor to your potential customers by being present with a single click. 

This generates the image of an available, accessible and constantly approached business in the market, contributing to developing your brand image. 

Get customer insights

Developing a mobile application for business helps you get customer insights. Although, getting to know the customer’s behaviour and personality and asking for responses or feedback is quite difficult. 

Also, it is an overhead and time-consuming activity to perform for the customers. Therefore, it leads the organizations to take additional efforts to complete the task. Developing a mobile application via a mobile app development company helps you compile such activities regularly. 

Not only this but developing an app also assists you in acquiring your customer’s search patterns, needs and responses to your brand. 

Additionally, mobile apps provide you with estimated analytics of where the market for your business is heading. Eventually, it also offers recommendations for your business, depending upon the customer search patterns.

 The mobile app is the perfect tool for gathering trends and end-user behaviour. More than 62% of internet users use smartphones, and so the applications, which build a great opportunity for your business to connect with a large crowd and get customer insights for your brand on a big scale. 

Better Customer Service

Quick responses and services are what a customer expects from your business. The call centres, helpdesks or websites extend an organization’s communication cycle, and the customers drive the efforts to connect with the companies. 

With mobile applications, this time-consuming process can be minimized. The mobile app allows customers to connect with digital assistants like Chatbots and receive a quick response. 

Chatbots are interactive applications that act like persons while communicating with customers to provide the answers to their queries. 

Hence, the mobile application plays the role of a helpdesk assistant and provides instant solutions to problems, resulting in better customer service for a business. 

Use in Advertising

A business continuously brings new ideas to get its client’s attention and modify itself. A mobile application is used as a medium to pass information, push notifications, and advertisements through one channel. 

Based on the customers’ response, the company can perform multiple tasks related to advertising, such as triggering feedback, evaluating customer trends etc. Henceforth, one can aid their advertising solutions through it.  

Better user experience

Providing a good user experience to customers is what a business wishes for. Although, these experiences have altered over a short period. 

Today, a good user experience relies on the ease and comfort with which the user can avail of efficient services to fulfil their needs. 

Hence, the mobile application is developed to tailor users’ requirements and offer them better experiences. Moreover, since they are seamless and handy, it is a simple and accessible option for customers. 

New Technology Trends

Developing mobile applications is a significant step toward transitioning to new technologies, perspectives and processes. 

In addition, it helps the business to make the service delivery look seamless and improve its business cycle. 

Therefore, developing an application for your organization will be a great way to move towards an enhanced avenue of service. 

How much does it cost to develop an android app? 

Android holds the largest global share of 75% in the market; it has 2.8+ billion active users today. This ratio encourages many businesses to develop an android app for their brand. 

It also makes them wonder how much it cost to build an android app? The cost of developing an android cannot be determined accurately, as it depends on various factors. 

It includes the platform you are choosing to develop an app, UX design, location of the company, complexity of the app etc. 

Though, if you wish to develop a mobile application for your business, you should briefly study all these factors to determine the exact cost and plan the process accordingly. 


Henceforth, the list above shows the need for mobile applications for a business. The application has become essential to a business’s growth in the fastest-growing world. 

And as the mobile application market expands, it gets flexible and cheaper to build an application. Today, the need to fulfil your needs can be done through mobile applications. 

You only have to look for the best company or mobile developer to design an app for your business at a feasible cost. 

Author Bio

Saurabh Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app & web development company. He has 2 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

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