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7 Beautiful Nature Tourism on Bintan Island

Bintan Island

Staying at Bintan Resorts while visiting Bintan Island in Sumatra can be an option, especially when on vacation with family or honeymoon. The island, quite close to Malaysia and Singapore, is reportedly applying for a VTL (tour route without quarantine) such as the Batam VTL.

This route makes it easier for foreign tourists to enter Bintan Island without being fully vaccinated. But the condition still has to show a negative Covid test result. The island is blessed with many beautiful tourist attractions, some of which are listed below.

 Tourist Attractions on Bintan Island

 1. Sigil Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Sebok Bay, about a 1-hour drive from Tanjung Pinang. The main attraction is the rows of various shapes and sizes of granite stones that blend beautifully with the white sand. Unfortunately, this beauty must be taken through a winding and steep road.

 2. Ranoh Island

Besides enjoying the beauty of the beach and sea, many exciting activities can be done in Ranoh, such as snorkeling, camping, boat rides, playing beach ball, fishing, and riding a jet ski. The location of this island is adjacent to Aband-Big Island.

 3. Treasure Bay

One of the favorite places for tourists visiting Treasure Bay is Chill Cove, a recreation and sports park. Several exciting activities include renting an ATV, kayaking, and taking a cruise to navigate the waters of the mangrove forest area with beautiful views.

If you want to try something more challenging such as a detonator and paddle board, you can enter the super large saltwater swimming pool with a size of 6.3 hectares.

 4. Sand Island

SandBased Island is a great place to go if you want to experience the beach at night because it includes a camping area with facilities, and you can even rent tents there. This island features water that is turquoise in colour and has waves that are relatively quiet.

 5. Trikora Beach

If you are looking for a place with a long coastline of up to 21 km, then going to Trikora Beach is the answer. Another panorama is the blue sea water and rows of coconut trees by the beach. If you start your journey from downtown Tanjung Pinang, this beach is about 50 km away.

6. Busung Desert

This place has a sandy area of ​​6000 hectares, making tourists feel like they are in a foreign desert. But besides sand, there is also a small lake with bluish water. This desert has existed since President Soeharto and was once a bauxite sand mining area.

 7. Mount Bintan Waterfall

If you are sick of going to the beach, then traveling to Mount Bintan Waterfall might be something you would enjoy doing instead. Bintan Buyu, which is approximately 19 kilometers away from the Busung Desert, serves as the setting for the action. The fact that the ground here is sloped in a terraced fashion is what makes this location stand out from others. In addition to that, there is a pool area that may be used for swimming or other water-based activities.

End Line

Going to new places, especially those with natural nuances, is an effective way to recharge or heal. If you plan to spend your vacation on Bintan Island, the seven places above can be an option.

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