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6 Ways Contractors Can Increase Sales Through Digital Marketing

Are you an independent contractor looking to increase sales? Many strategies are available, but digital marketing is always the best method. Digital marketing lets you reach a much larger audience at a low cost and can be highly effective. 

You’ll want to learn these six ways to increase sales using digital marketing, so keep reading!

1. Define Your Target Audience

The first thing you should do when starting a new digital marketing campaign is defining your target audience. Everything you do from there will be based on your target audience, although you can always change your goals as you go.

Your target audience consists of your ideal customers, the people you want to reach the most. Consider who would be most interested in the services or products you offer. Are you trying to reach businesses or individuals? 

Once you know who you want to reach, you’ll better understand how to communicate with your audience, encouraging sales to increase.

2. Use SEO Everywhere

You must use SEO (search engine optimization) in your online content. SEO best practices allow your online stores, blogs, and more to show up at the top of search results pages, which drives more traffic to your sites. Of course, you can expect more sales with more traffic.

As a contractor, you’ll need to learn how to use SEO to make your clients’ pages appear higher in search engine algorithms. It can take a bit of experimenting, but you’ll learn best with experience. You can also optimize pages already online for SEO and see a noticeable impact shortly after.

You can add SEO to images, videos, and written content, so use it everywhere. Anything you post online should be optimized to impact your sales.

Overall, you must use SEO in your digital marketing strategy. You won’t get results if you don’t use it.

3. Work on Your Website

As you adjust your website for SEO, you’ll want to change designs and navigation. Plus, you’ll want to add more fresh content whenever you can. Quality websites are excellent for sales and allow you to reach a global audience, not just a local one. Having an online presence can even boost sales offline too.

A clean and polished website drives more sales because customers can find what they want easily. If your site is too hard to navigate or looks cluttered, most people will leave before they checkout because it takes too long to find what they want.

Adding search features, clearly labeled tabs, and organizing content can help drastically. So, if you haven’t spent much time on your website recently, it’s time to touch it up! As a contractor, you should always be adjusting and improving your sites.

4. Work on Your Brand Identity 

Next, you’ll also need to work on your brand identity. Branding represents you, your clients, and your business while allowing you to stand apart from the competition. You can look at your competition for ideas; what works for them and what doesn’t?

Brand identity can include a lot of aspects, including:

  • Any visible elements like color schemes and logos.
  • Language choices.
  • Fonts. 
  • Presentation, such as website layouts.

Then, think about what your target audience would like best. Are there certain design choices or language that they appreciate? 

A positive brand identity can increase sales because customers trust you more. They’ll also be able to recognize your brand and choose it over competitors that don’t have a well-established brand identity. 

With a strong brand identity, you can also increase the prices of your products. You can do this because your brand will be more unique and have more demand from customers. Overall, brand identity is crucial for digital marketing and increasing sales.

5. Enhance Your “Call To Actions”

“Call To Actions,” or CTAs, are excellent digital marketing strategies. You can use them to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to buy something from you. Clear, concise CTAs tend to work the best for sales.

Here’s the best way to write a CTA:

  1. Choose a strong verb like “order” or “buy.”
  2. Choose words that encourage sales or offer benefits. For example, “Order now and get half off!”.
  3. Ending with an exclamation point makes your audience excited to follow the CTA. You’ll need to make sure you don’t use too many exclamation points in your body copy so that it stands out more.
  4. You can also include “fear of missing out” by mentioning when the sale ends or something similar. 
  5. Get creative with it! People are more likely to click if your CTA is unique or funny.

Lastly, put your CTA at the bottom of your content, near a button where your audience can order. If you make your customer scroll away from the CTA to buy from you, they’re much less likely to do so.

6. Reach Out to Influencers

Including influencers in your digital marketing campaign is also a good idea. You can also find influencers in any industry, so even if your brand has nothing to do with fashion or makeup, you can still find someone to promote you.

When influencers talk about a brand positively, it builds trust with its audience. They can also encourage sales and drive more traffic to your websites.

The best method is to reach out to influencers who’re already established and have an audience that overlaps with your target audience. When they talk about your brand online, more people will become aware of you. Asking the influencer to provide links to your sites helps since they’re more convenient for people to click on.

Including influencers in your digital marketing plans can greatly boost your sales.

Start Digital Marketing Now

The sooner that you start working on your digital marketing campaign, the sooner it’ll result in sales. You’ll also be able to spend more time perfecting your strategy, allowing you to drive more traffic to your website and expand your reach.

In short, contractors can greatly benefit from digital marketing. You can use it to increase your sales in a variety of ways.