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6 Essential Elements for Your Dental Website According to Web Designers

Every dentist engaging in dental practice marketing understands the importance of websites in bringing more traffic and converting leads. With the majority of dental patients searching for a practice like yours on the Internet, getting in front of your prospects is half the battle. An effective dental website acts as your 24/7 salesperson who will speak and convince potential clients that your practice is the right choice. 

But how is that possible?

Expert website designers shared that the secret lies in the elements of your dental website. To successfully turn your website into the best salesperson, take note of the following elements to incorporate on your website. 

  • Easy Navigation

No doubt that easy navigation is one of the important website elements. Easy navigation enables your website visitors to move between pages to search for the information they are looking for. Additionally, your website menu must follow a logical flow and the search function should be easy to find and use. 

  • Professional Design

Like a business card, your website design can make or break your potential client’s perception of your business; this is how an advertising agency works. Your custom website design should not only look visually beautiful—it should be functional and easy to navigate to ensure a great user experience. An effective website design should have the following features:

  • Clear headings
  • Limited colour palette
  • Minimal clutter
  • Simple font 
  • High-Quality Content

Among the many design elements, fresh, engaging, and relevant content is a significant factor that contributes to the success of your business. Essentially, the content not only tells the story of your dental practice and provides information to your readers, but it is also a crucial Google search ranking factor. 

For instance, when a prospective patient is looking for information about implant overdentures in London, Ontario, be sure that the content is well-written and easy to read. Use clear headings to break down the information into digestible sections. Proofread to catch typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other issues that might spoil the reading experience. A flawless copy encourages your potential patients to see your dental practice as professional and credible. 

  • Strategic Placement of Call-to-Action Buttons

One of your goals is to convert prospects into patients. An effective dental website with strategically placed call-to-action buttons can encourage visitors to take action. Use a variety of call-to-action buttons throughout your website, such as “Learn More,” “Make an Appointment,” and “Call Us.”

  • Search Engine Optimization

While there are different digital marketing strategies you can use to promote your website, SEO is key when it comes to ranking your website in search engines. To optimize your website for search engines, be sure to include the following elements: 

  • Target keywords: Use keywords relevant to your dental services and incorporate them into your content. This helps position your content higher in search engine results. Focus on keywords and search terms frequently used by your potential patients. 
  • URLs: Avoid using long strings of numbers, symbols, and other mambo-jumbos in your URLs. Instead, use clear and descriptive URLs to boost the visibility of your website. 
  • Meta descriptions: A meta description provides Google with short information about what your webpage is all about. It has around 150 to 160 characters and should contain the target keyword.
  • Quality scores: A quality score is used to measure the relevancy of a page to a primary search term. You can make your content favourable to Google by ensuring its relevancy to its target keyword. For instance, Google gives a good quality score to a well-written dental filling post packed with relevant information.
  • Online Booking Tool

In some cases, patients prefer to make online appointments. You can a simple embedded booking form or dental software designed with an online booking portal. These booking options enable them to fill out any required paperwork before their appointment at a dental clinic in Oshawa, shortening the time of their initial appointment.


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