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5 Things To Know About Term Deposit

Have you ever experienced investing for your family’s financial finances with your desired rate and term of interest? These are just a few facts about everything you can get with this investment for your family’s future. This kind of investment is called a term deposit. Want to learn more about term deposits, together with their advantages? Read on.

1. Term Deposit Definition

Non-banking financial companies and banks offer term deposits, also known as fixed-term investments. One can store a lump-sum payment at a post-interest rate with a banking or financing company in term deposits. A term deposit involves minimal deposits and short-term maturity of a month to many years. This investment is considered to be one of the safest investments in finances.


In acquiring a term deposit, clients must realize they can withdraw their funds on post-period terms. If the client has several days’ notice, the issuing bank will let them withdraw early. Early termination penalties might also be applied.

2. Cumulative Fixed Deposit

The phrase “cumulative” refers to a collection of items. In a related manner, a cumulative fixed deposit is a form of investment in which revenue is maintained or earned up until the duration has concluded. They can make earnings over a calendar year, or the cycle is re-invested or joined to the investment that went before it.

This situation may result in a rise in the principal balance and interest. Compounding has been utilized to its maximum capabilities in this case. Once your fixed deposit ends, you will be paid the maturity amount, equal to the entirety of your initial payment and any interest earned over the term.

3. Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposit

The depositor is eligible to receive regular interest payments on a non-cumulative fixed deposit. The frequency of interest charges can vary over months, quarters, and even a while to semi-annual.

This fixed deposit offers investors a consistent return on their funds since the bank doesn’t quite deduct interest accumulating on the account. It offers a lower rate than cumulative fixed deposits since the force of compounding is not leveraged to its maximum potential.

4. Other Forms of Term Deposit

Term Deposits or fixed-term investments are not limitedly rotating between cumulative and non-cumulative. To know more about term deposits, here are the following other terms of them:

  • Senior Citizen Term Deposits
  • Company Deposits
  • Tax-Saving Term Deposits
  • Non-Resident Individual Term Deposits

5. Interest Rate of Term Deposit

Once interest rates rise, people are more inclined to take term deposits, as this increased borrowing cost makes savings appear more compelling. Due to this, the banking firm will have to provide the client with a high-interest rate to compensate for the increased interest rates. This situation will enable the client to achieve a greater return on their money.

As interest rates went low, consumers had more incentive to obtain loans and raise their consumption, which boosted the economy. While rates are low, the market for term deposits might drop as investors can typically find other securities that provide higher amounts. It happens because investors have much more options when levels are reduced.

Rates of interest should, as a rule of thumb, be proportionate to both period left till the loan matures and the minimum principal amount to be issued to the bank. A term deposit for six months is likely to earn an interest rate lesser than a term deposit for a two-year period.

The investors must also earn a higher rate for putting their funds up with the institution for longer periods, which gets them a higher percentage. Learn more about these advantages by inquiring about the term deposit rates by Great Southern Bank.

Choose What’s The Right Term Deposit For You!

Having investments daily as preparation for the future is a very important habit you can build with your family. Thus, you must be realistic and cautious in choosing the right investment that will fit your needs and resources. To find the right term deposit that will fit your situation and status along with your learnings, you can also find and get guided by a trusted partner or institution.

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