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5 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas from Top Interior Designers

living room decorating ideas

Are you looking for interior design ideas for your small living room? We have covered you and asked our favorite interior designers for the best tips to get the most out of smaller spaces.

Small living rooms can often seem infinitely frustrating, especially when critical spaces and high-traffic areas are cramped and difficult to move around. Your living space should be a place of rest and relaxation, so it is more important to make it a place where you look forward to spending time.

It can be tempting to have a spartan approach to decor, but a small living room can still be cozy and inviting while balancing and making your space more efficient.

We asked 5 interior designers to share their little living room secrets; their well-tested tips for creating a cozy, functional and rootless little living room, all without compromising on personality.

1. Current Product Range with Integrated Solutions

Built-in storage can change the function of a room from day to night, depending on how your life works and what you choose to store inside. In this home, we used a wall of closets to create a hidden office space that is easy to close off at the end of the day. This way you can make home organization easier.

“The main thing is that there are plenty of drawers, shelves and pull-out lounges inside – whether it is a filing cabinet or a cocktail cart. It is also enhanced by the color: here we have used a strong, vibrant blue for the decor. light pink.

2. Furniture Ordered

“Choosing small living room furniture in the right size and proportions is the key to designing small spaces, and this is where the fit comes in. For this open-plan living/dining room, we used a curved sofa in dark green velvet, which helps define life. Space and make the most of every inch.

“It has also been converted into a guest bed and contains concealed storage space. If you do not have the budget for specially designed pieces, you can achieve a similar visual effect by looking for sleek, low-rise, L-shaped sofas in light colors and/or textured fabrics.

3. Create Bank Corners in Storage Walls

As studios, we like to “paint” furniture, especially when it’s around the perimeter of the room. Wrapping it in woodwork is often the answer, as it makes a sofa, chair or daybed cozy and comfortable, and it also provides extra storage space, which is always useful in cramped spaces. ‘

“In this project, we wallpapered the back of the carpentry work to introduce a different pattern and provide an interesting background for the items on the shelves. We then used the space above the sofa to create an art gallery wall.

4. Let the Optical Flow

“When installing the structure in a small room, try to get the most out of natural light. In this apartment, we decided to add glass sections to make the combined living room and kitchen look bigger and brighter while separating the cooking area. little.”

“It is especially useful in winter when the light level is low. We have also added a new staircase with an open structure, which in turn helps the light to flow through and creates an interesting focal point in the room and yes, do the proper cleaning after that. Finally, the soft citrus color adds to it adds a touch of liveliness and also helps define individual spaces.

5. Create a Social Layout

“I always advise my clients to have a small living room decor that encourages conversation. I mean a furniture layout that maximizes one-on-one time. It’s especially handy if you want to have fun.”

“In my own home, I created this arrangement around an old-fashioned travertine table and fireplace. The sofa bed can play. What a traditional sofa does, without intruding too much into the space. An added bonus? A cozy nook for a nap.”

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