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5 Mechanical Keyboard Mods You Should Know!

Welcome to the ultimate guide on mechanical keyboard mods! If you are a keyboard enthusiast or someone looking to enhance your typing experience, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will delve into five essential mechanical keyboard modifications that will take your keyboard to new heights. These mods are tried and tested, ensuring that you get the best typing experience possible. So, let’s get started with the five mechanical keyboard mods you should know!

1. Switch Lubing

Switch lubing is a crucial modification that can greatly impact your typing experience. It involves applying lubricant to the moving parts of the mechanical switches, reducing friction and noise while improving smoothness.

What is Switch Lubing?

Switch lubing is the process of carefully applying lubricant to the sliders and other moving parts within a mechanical switch. This process minimizes the scratchy feeling often associated with stock switches and reduces the noise generated during keystrokes.

Benefits of Switch Lubing

Switch lubing offers several benefits, including:

  • Smooth and Silky Keystrokes: Lubricated switches provide a smooth typing experience, making long typing sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Noise Reduction: Lubed switches produce less noise, making them ideal for office environments or shared spaces.
  • Extended Switch Lifespan: Lubrication reduces wear and tear, increasing the overall lifespan of your switches.

How to Lubricate Mechanical Switches

To lube your mechanical switches, follow these steps:

  1. Disassemble the Keyboard: Carefully remove the keycaps and open up the keyboard to access the switches.
  2. Apply Lubricant: Use a small brush or applicator to apply lubricant to the sliders and contact points.
  3. Reassemble the Keyboard: Put the keyboard back together, ensuring everything is aligned properly.

Recommended Lubricants

Some popular switch lubricants include:

  • Krytox: Known for its consistency and longevity, Krytox is a top choice among keyboard enthusiasts.
  • Tribosys: Another high-quality lubricant widely used in the mechanical keyboard community.

2. Keycap Upgrades

Keycaps are an essential part of any mechanical keyboard, and upgrading them can significantly enhance your typing experience.

Understanding Keycap Profiles

Keycap profiles refer to the shape and design of the keycaps. Different profiles cater to different typing preferences, including:

  • OEM Profile: A common profile with a slightly curved top.
  • Cherry Profile: A popular profile with a gentle slope and a lower profile.
  • DSA Profile: Uniform keycaps with a flat top surface.

Material Choices for Keycaps

Keycaps come in various materials, each offering a unique feel:

  • ABS: Affordable and lightweight, but may wear out over time.
  • PBT: Durable and resistant to wear, providing a more premium feel.

Backlighting and Keycap Compatibility

If your mechanical keyboard has RGB backlighting, ensure that the keycaps are compatible with it. Some keycap materials may hinder the light from shining through.

3. Sound Dampening

Typing on mechanical keyboards can sometimes be loud, especially with clicky switches. Sound dampening mods can help reduce this noise.

Importance of Sound Dampening

Sound dampening ensures a quieter typing experience, reducing the noise caused by bottoming out keys.

Different Sound Dampening Techniques

  • O-Rings: These small rubber rings are placed around the stem of each keycap, cushioning the impact when the key is pressed.
  • Silent Switches: Some switches are designed to be quieter, offering a built-in sound dampening mechanism.

4. Stabilizer Mods

Stabilizers play a crucial role in stabilizing larger keys like the spacebar and shift keys. Modifying them can improve the overall typing feel.

Lubing Stabilizers

Similar to switch lubing, applying lubricant to stabilizers reduces rattling and improves smoothness.

Clipping Stabilizers

Clipping stabilizers involves removing extra plastic to eliminate any wobbliness when pressing the stabilized keys.

Band-aid Mod

The band-aid mod places a soft material between the PCB and the stabilizer, reducing noise and vibrations.

5. Custom Cables

Custom cables not only add aesthetics to your setup but also improve the overall typing experience.

Benefits of Custom Cables

  • Durability: Custom cables are often more robust and reliable than stock cables.
  • Aesthetics: Choose cables that complement your keyboard and desk setup, adding a personalized touch.

How to Make Your Custom Cable

If you’re feeling adventurous, making your custom cable can be a rewarding project. There are various tutorials available online to guide you through the process.

5 Mechanical Keyboard Mods You Should Know !

These five mechanical keyboard mods are the key to unlocking a whole new level of typing pleasure. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, exploring these modifications will undoubtedly enhance your overall typing experience. So, grab your tools, get creative, and embark on the journey of customizing your mechanical keyboard to perfection!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I lube any mechanical switch?
A: Yes, switch lubing can be applied to most mechanical switches, though some might require different techniques.

Q: Are custom cables worth the investment?
A: Custom cables not only offer better durability but also add a touch of personalization to your keyboard setup, making them worth the investment for many enthusiasts.

Q: Is switch lubing difficult for beginners?
A: While it requires some precision, switch lubing is manageable with careful attention and following online guides.

Q: Will sound dampening affect the feel of my keyboard?
A: Sound dampening generally does not affect the feel of the keyboard significantly, but it does result in a quieter typing experience.

Q: Can I use lubed switches with RGB lighting?
A: Yes, lubed switches are compatible with RGB lighting, so you can enjoy both a smooth typing experience and vibrant lighting effects.


By now, you have gained valuable insights into five essential mechanical keyboard mods that can transform your typing experience. From switch lubing to custom cables, each modification serves a unique purpose in optimizing your mechanical keyboard’s performance. Remember to explore and experiment with these mods to find what suits your preferences best. Embrace the world of keyboard customization, and let your creativity flow as you embark on this thrilling journey of keyboard modification.

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