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5 Keys To Effective Networking in The Digital Age

Networking is an essential skill for any professional in the modern world. While networking used to involve attending events and shaking hands, the digital age has transformed how we connect and build relationships with potential employers and colleagues. This blog post will examine five critical tips for networking in the digital age. 

Tip #1 – Research Your Contacts Beforehand 

Expert Dennis Bonnen says the first step to successful networking is doing your homework. It’s important to research potential contacts before you approach them. This can include reading up on their bio or LinkedIn profile, as well as any articles written or interviews given. Knowing a bit about the person you are trying to connect with will help you craft a more personal message that shows you’ve taken the time to get to know them. 

Tip #2 – Use Social Media As A Tool 

Social media has become essential for connecting professionals from all walks of life. Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can all be used to search for people who might be able to help advance your career goals or provide valuable advice. Additionally, you can use these platforms to share information about yourself and your professional experience with others who may need to learn what you do or what kind of job opportunities you are looking for. 

One way to make sure you are making the most out of your social media networking is to look for opportunities to engage with contacts, such as liking posts, commenting on articles and bars, and reaching out directly with questions or comments.

Tip #3 – Connect On Common Interests & Experiences 

When making meaningful connections, it’s essential to focus on what someone can do for you and what kind of common interests or experiences you might share with them as individuals. This could include anything from attending the same university or working in similar industries. Finding something relatable will make it easier for both parties involved in a conversation to feel comfortable talking about themselves and their goals openly without feeling judged or pressured into doing so by one another.  

Tip #4 – Follow Up After An Event Or Conversation 

When networking online, it’s easy for conversations and interactions between contacts to become lost in the shuffle due to a lack of follow-up from either party involved. That’s why it’s essential not only to initiate conversations with potential contacts but also to follow up after an event or conversation has ended; this will ensure everyone remembers who they spoke with and how they connected in the first place! Additionally, following up after a conversation will give both parties involved another chance at continuing their dialogue if needed or desired—which could lead to even more fruitful collaborations down the line!  

Tip #5 – Don’t Neglect In-Person Connections 

Dennis Bonnen says although much of our current networking activity takes place online, there is still value in attending conferences and other professional events where like-minded people come together offline! Meeting face-to-face is often much more effective than communicating over email or social media because it allows two people (or groups) to get acquainted rather than relying solely on virtual connection points! Plus, nothing beats having an actual physical reminder (i.e., business cards) that connects two people even after they part ways!  


Effective networking is essential if you want your career prospects and business endeavors to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape! By researching potential contacts beforehand, leveraging social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram as tools, connecting on common interests & experiences, following up after conversations & events, & attending real-world events whenever possible—you’ll be well positioned to take advantage every opportunity available while building meaningful relationships along the way! Good luck!

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