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5 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Jeep

You have not bought a Jeep to keep it parked in your garage. When you buy such an enormous vehicle, the message that you want to stand out instead of blending in is loud and clear. You are an adventure freak who likes to take impromptu vacations around Moreno Valley, especially along challenging trails or deep valleys.

So, every road trip or off-roading hike you tick off your bucket list takes your Jeep for a spin, literally. Meanwhile, regular maintenance is required to deliver superior performance, especially if you got a used Jeep from a Jeep dealer in Moreno Valley.

With the proper care and repair, your Jeep can serve you efficiently for years to come. And to learn more about how to care for your Jeep, keep reading for some essential tips.  

  • Regular Check-Ups for Tires 

In the same way an athlete undergoes regular medical check-ups, your Jeep’s tires need frequent check-ups, and more so when commuting beyond the city streets to off-road areas. Since your tires are subjected to various surfaces, the subsequent wear and tear can pose problems for your Jeep. 

So, you should get your Jeep’s tire pressure checked every month. And if the pressure is not balanced, it increases the chances of flat tires and blowouts while also impacting fuel efficiency and traction.  

  • Get the Wheels Aligned 

Most people ignore this step, but it is vital if you don’t want to be a victim of issues such as lower fuel efficiency, decreased maneuverability, and impaired vehicle handling. Moreover, if your wheels are misaligned, your tires will be exposed to more wear and tear, and your vehicle may start pulling in different directions, posing a risk to your safety. As such, get your Jeep’s wheel aligned every 20,000 miles or more frequently if you constantly drive to off-road places. 

  • Check and Replace Your Air Filter 

It is usually advised that the air filter in your Jeep should be changed after every 20,000 km or a year of driving. If they are not in proper condition, contaminants quickly sneak into the combustion chamber of your engine. As a result, your emissions will become heavily polluted, and fuel efficiency will drop. 

  • Change the Jeep’s Oil 

A simple and essential step for Jeep maintenance is to change its oil. This can be done without needing to take a trip down to a Jeep dealer in Moreno valley

So, you must start by finding the drain plug in the oil pan and placing below it a catch basin. Then remove the plug and let the oil flush out before you replace the old filter with the new one. Next, reinstall the drain plug and pour fresh oil on the filter’s gasket. 

  • Replace Other Fluids   

Apart from oil, keep an eye on the transmission fluid, radiator fluid, and power steering fluid, as they must remain at optimum levels for your car to function effectively. 

Undoubtedly, your Jeep is a strong vehicle that can take you to places other cars probably can’t. However, it can only offer you the best possible experience if it is given the care it deserves, especially if your vehicle is used frequently. Remember, regular checks, maintenance, and repair go a long way in increasing the lifespan and performance of your vehicle.

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