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5 Best Premature Ejaculation Exercises for Better Performance

Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Premature ejaculation is a common and growing concern among men. So in the case of PE, a man ejaculates under a minute of penetrative sex. For such men, it is difficult to gain control over their ejaculation. The good news is that if you frequently do Premature Ejaculation Exercises, you will have more control throughout intercourse. Let’s have a look at such exercises. 

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

PE is a prevalent condition, impacting 30-40% of men at a certain point. It may not indicate concern if it occurs occasionally. However, if it happens regularly, it may make sex less pleasant for specific individuals and significantly affect relationships.

Nevertheless, exercise for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction might assist men in overcoming these disorders.

But what causes premature or early ejaculation? So as per Dr. Chirag Bhandari, the best Sexologist in Delhi, PE is due to the combination of psychological and physical factors. So some of the factors that might cause PE to include the following:

Physical factors are:

  • Heart disease,
  • high cholesterol,
  • diabetes,
  • high blood pressure,
  • metabolic syndrome,
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • consuming certain medications
  • physical inactivity,
  • alcohol or tobacco use,
  • sleep disorders.

Psychological factors may include:

  • depression
  • low self-esteem,
  • any mental health conditions or anxiety
  • guilt
  • unpleasant sexual encounters
  • making relations with a new partner
  • over-excitement
  • stress relating to sexual performance
  • lack of communication contributing to relationship issues

Now let’s move to exercises for delayed ejaculation that might help men to improve their condition. 

Five Premature Ejaculation Exercises To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

1. Pelvic floor exercises for premature ejaculation

Probably the most scientifically effective “technique,” pelvic floor exercises concentrate on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. 

Kegel exercises are intended to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Moreover, these workouts are simple to do and need no extra equipment.

Urine flow via the urethra is controlled mainly by your pelvic floor muscles. So this Premature Ejaculation Exercise aims to teach you how to contract those muscles on demand.

These muscles weaken with time and aging, and although kegel exercises are often associated with incontinence, a substantial amount of evidence indicates Pelvic floor exercises also have a role in premature ejaculation.

Regularly doing this might help prolong ejaculation and increase control. Yet, before beginning Kegel exercises for PE, you must find the pelvic floor muscles.

Men may practice three to five sets of ten to twenty repetitions each set of Kegel exercises. There is an easy approach to locating the pelvic floor muscles:

When urinating, try to pause and restart the urine flow. So the constricting muscles felt behind the groin are the pelvic floor muscles.

 So the procedure for doing the Kegel exercise is as follows:

  • Lay down on your back on the floor.
  • Contract and maintain your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds.
  • Next, relax and loosen the muscles
  • Ten to twenty repetitions of steps 1 and 2 constitute a full set of Kegel exercises.

squat for exercise for premature ejaculation

2. The Start-Stop Technique

The start-stop technique, an exercise for premature ejaculation, is simply stopping and beginning again. So the idea is to pause just before orgasm and then restart after the desire to ejaculate has subsided.

According to specialists, this approach is designed to be repeated several times throughout a session so the male may learn to distinguish the stage of sexual arousal that happens before orgasm.

3. Front Squats

Among the premature ejaculation, exercises are the front squat. Compound workouts target the largest muscles in the body. These activities induce a massive hormonal reaction, causing testosterone levels to skyrocket. Hence, this may facilitate longer, more intense orgasms.

Here is how to start with front squats. 

Assume a standing position with your feet shoulder-width separated and a barbell over your upper chest. Push back your hips and continue bending your knees to lower your body until your thighs remain parallel to the floor, making sure not to curve your back. Drive your heels into the ground to propel yourself back to the starting position.

4. Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing is the next exercise to include on the list of premature ejaculation exercises. Hence, the kettlebell swing can strengthen the posterior chain and pelvic area, allowing you to engage in sex for longer and with more energy. Additionally, it may enhance cardiovascular function.

So for this exercise for PE, follow these steps:

  • Straighten your back and position your feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • To grasp the kettlebell with both hands, flex the knees.
  • Push your hips while maintaining a flat back, and raise the weight to shoulder level.
  • Keeping momentum, return to the starting point and repeat the motion.
  • Repeat a minimum of 10 times.

5. Squats

Squats are ideal for developing core strength, strengthening lower muscles, increasing blood flow, and enhancing orgasmic performance. Moreover, they may also help increase stamina and strengthen the pelvic floor.


Usually, doctors combine these premature ejaculation exercises with behavioral therapies to help you treat PE. If you don’t observe any improvement in PE despite following these exercises, consult with the best sexologist in Delhi or IASH Delhi.

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