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5 Amazing Benefits Of Selling Products On Mercado Libre

Selling Products On Mercado Libre

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In 2021, sales from retail e-commerce hit 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars. Experts foresee this sector to grow by 56 percent by 2026. According to predictions, e-commerce retail sales will be worth 8.1 trillion U.S. dollars by 2026. Again, experts predict that 20.8 percent of all retail purchases in 2023 will occur online.

Such signals are good news to medium and small-sized e-commerce businesses. Clients enjoy the convenience and security that comes with buying things online. Mercado Libre is one such e-commerce platform. It allows clients to buy services and goods at their convenience. It also guarantees them optimum security and data protection.

Businesses can thus leverage customers’ trust for Mercado Libre to grow. Here are more benefits businesses can enjoy if they sell on Mercado Libre.


What is Mercado Libre

Before asking, how can I shop on Mercado Libre from the US using Latinafy? Understand what Mercado Libre is. Mercado Libre is a firm headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay. The company was incorporated in America in 1999. It operates e-commerce and online auctions.

Mercado Libre was Latin America’s most popular e-commerce site in 2016, with 174.2 million users. The company also features in the 100 most influential companies 2023 list. Mercado Libre has a long history of operation and success. It runs five significant operations. Mercado Libre’s Marketplace is a platform for users to sell goods.

Mercado Pagi is an online sales payment platform. Mercado Publicado is Mercado Libre’s advertising section. The Mercado Shops tool makes using Mercado Libre e-commerce seamless.

Finally, Mercado Credito is Mercado Libre’s credit line. The best part is Mercado Libre has a safe payment system dubbed MercadoPago. This payment system diversifies payment modes.

Now that you know who Mercado Libre is, here are its benefits.

1.  Good Reputation

No doubt, the biggest hindrance to people purchasing goods online is trust. Once clients trust an e-commerce site, they won’t hesitate to use and enjoy the convenience that comes with it. By selling on Mercado Libre, businesses enjoy consumer trust. Mercado Libre has a good reputation. It’s the reason the company’s unique buyers have been increasing by 10% every year.

The company’s outstanding user experience is one element that makes it credible. For example, clients fear buying products they have not seen. Mercado Libre, however, assigns scores to different sellers based on their successful sales.

Cancellation rates and customer satisfaction are other determinants of how much a company scores on Mercado Libre. It means clients can only buy from sellers with high success chances. This way, customers are more likely to have a positive user experience.

Good Reputation

Good Reputation

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2. A Seamless User Interface

Gone are the days when clients had the patience to wait thirty minutes for a site to load. Today, clients have many options. So if an e-commerce site is slow, clients use the easier one. Fortunately, Mercado Libre understands this quite well.

Mercado Libre is a one-stop shop. Customers can effortlessly place orders and view orders. Sellers can also manage their stock merchandise. Clients can also monitor their shipment status. The best part is Mercado Libre allows even start-ups to sell on the platform. If a seller cannot build a website, they can leverage Mercado Libre.

Sellers can use Mercado Libre’s platform to manage their shipments. They can also use the platform to sell various types of products. The seamless user experience is equivalent to impressive business growth. It also means high shopping conversion rates, which every seller wants.

Seamless User Interface

Seamless User Interface

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3. High Gross Merchandise Volume(GMV)

Mercado Libre allows sellers to make as much as they invest. Here sellers surely benefit from their marketing efforts. Mercado Libre hosts different online events like Black Friday and Meli Trends. It also hosts Double 11, Hot Sales, Big Brands, and Beauty Festivals.

All these events help sellers drive their sales. Mercado Libre’s success is clear from its high gross merchandise volume.

For example, Mercado Libre had an impressive gross merchandise volume of 7.7 billion USD in the first quarter of 2022. This was a 27% growth compared to the GMV the company witnessed in 2021. During the same quarter, Mercado Libre had 330 million live listings. The items sold on the platform at the same period amounted to 267 million units.

In the second quarter of 2022, Mercado Libre’s GMV grew by almost 22%, reaching an 8.5 billion USD GMV. Mercado Libre had 40.8 million users and sold items worth 275 million. The third quarter also yielded better results as the company hit a GMV of 8.6 billion USD. This consistent growth only presents better success opportunities for sellers selling goods on Mercado Libre.

4. Optimum Security

Security is an essential aspect of e-commerce. Clients only buy from e-commerce sites that guarantee data protection and safety online. Mercado Libre is one such platform. It has implemented many regulations to protect sellers and buyers alike.

Mercado Libre’s Seller Protection Program protects sellers if buyers make irregular or false payments. Using these regulations, sellers are sure to receive payments at all costs.

Mercado Libre’s official stores only give specific sellers exclusivity. Only these sellers can sell one or more items throughout Mercado Libre’s marketplace. Yet, sellers must have permission from brands selling items on Mercado Libre. Sellers must also communicate with Mercado Libre’s commercial advisor. When a seller sells on Mercado Libre, security is guaranteed.

The official stores take responsibility for all complaints from clients. Pre-purchase and post-purchase experiences also benchmark Mercado Libre’s security efficiency. Sellers can analyze these experiences and adjust to enhance their security and buyers’. Security translates to customer confidence and high sales volumes for sellers.

5. A Huge Client Base

Mercado Libre has a huge presence worldwide. By selling on Mercado Libre, sellers have access to all platform users. Mercado Libre gives sellers more exposure and increases their chances of making sales. Even for sellers who are new to Latin America, Mercado Libre increases their visibility and positioning immediately.

Sellers can even easily sell goods through Mercado Libre’s official stores. Official stores enable sellers to put their businesses on Mercado Libre’s first pages. More visibility translates to more sales.

Huge Client Base

Huge Client Base

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As businesses use the internet to drive sales, Mercado Libre is here to facilitate this. The platform’s protection policies give consumers and sellers the confidence to trade. The ease of using the platform has also made the platform a preference for many.

Many people mean sellers have a higher likelihood of making more sales. So go ahead and sign up as a seller at Mercado Libre. Enjoy all the above benefits, including a secure payment system.

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