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3 Tips for Teenage Girls When Going On Their Very First Date

Amidst schoolwork, someone finally mustered up the courage to ask you out. Well, your excitement is understandable, especially if you were waiting for this cute person to do what they just did. 

In general, dating helps you get to know someone and relate to their experiences before committing to a relationship. This opportunity allows you to share your emotions, test compatibility, and learn more about each other. 

The first date of your entire life is important, and you must be prepared for it. That’s why you should groom yourself before the big day arrives. Examples include shaving your body, picking a flattering outfit, and getting mentally prepared. 

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips to help you impress your date. 

#1. Physical Grooming: Nails, Hair, and Skin

Firstly, you need to focus on your physical appearance. Grooming your skin, nails, and hair is about naturally amplifying your beauty. 

Getting Your Skin Ready

You can shave your body hair using a good-quality razor. Teenagers should buy razor heads with aloe vera and vitamin E shaving soap extracts. Find ones that are phthalate-free to ensure a smooth, moisturizing shave. 

According to Freya, razor heads should have an ergonomic adapter for easy removal between shaves. Remember to look for a stainless steel blade that has a clog-free shaving benefit. These will also be easy to clean after each shave.

Once you’ve found a reliable razor, you can start shaving your legs, hands, and armpits after applying shaving cream. Once done, use an after-shave balm or aloe vera. 

Apart from shaving your body, you should also prepare your face. For instance, getting a face massage a day before the date will give your skin a natural glow. Also, remove unwanted hair from your eyebrows and upper lips before getting a facial. 

Doing all these will make your face look flawless. Therefore, you’ll only need a touch of concealer, mascara, and lip gloss for the big day.

Getting Your Nails and Hair Done

Approximately 100 million American women paint their nails once a month. It proves that getting your nails done is more common than you think. 

You can hop onto Pinterest and look for simple nail ideas for a first date. Ideally, you should go for nail colors or patterns that suit your personality and style. But consider wearing neutral colors if you’re still trying to figure out your personal preferences. You can also visit a nail technician to get a manicure and pedicure done. 

Along with that, you can trim your hair a little to get rid of the split ends. A hair spa can be beneficial if you want your hair to look silky and shiny. Remember to style your hair by straightening or curling it before going.

#2. Choose Your Outfit: Dress or Jeans?

Next, it’s time to select an outfit. Unfortunately, the wardrobe dilemma is real, especially for teenagers. It means you can spend many hours looking for the perfect balance of casualness and attractiveness. That’s why you should pick out or buy an outfit a few days before the date. 

Of course, finding the perfect outfit for a first date can be challenging. If you’re nervous, you can seek help from your friends or ask your mother to choose something for you. 

Ideally, you should go for a floral dress if it’s a lunch date or a dark blue dress if it’s a dinner date. If you’re uncomfortable wearing that, choose skin-tight jeans with your favorite crop top. You can also pair cute baggy jeans with an off-shoulder top and your favorite pair of shoes. 

Either way, the outfit should represent your personality. You shouldn’t look like a completely different person. Remember, wearing what you actually want will make you feel confident and comfortable throughout the date.

#3. Getting Your Mind Ready: Be in a Positive Mindset

The first date of your entire life can be terrifying. That’s why you must get your thoughts together, calm yourself, and enter a positive mindset before embarking on this journey. You must be ready for it, both physically and mentally. 

To get your mind ready for the first date, you can jam to your favorite playlist just before going out. Moreover, meditation for a few minutes can help you collect your thoughts. According to Psychology Today, you should listen during the date without interrupting them. Instead, just be yourself and be positive. 

Be prepared to have a long and meaningful conversation. For that, you must enter your Zen place. It will help your mind rest, facilitate dialogue, and help you gain self-perception. Of course, you can always rely on your best friend to pump you up as you get ready for the big day. 

Remember, the time leading up to your very first date will be nerve-racking. But you’ll see yourself calm down when you meet and start a conversation. 

The Bottom Line

According to Healthline, girls can date when they reach twelve and a half years old, while boys should date after thirteen. But your parents probably forbade you to date anyone until you were 16. Technically, that’s the best age to start dating because you reach emotional maturity and develop a sense of responsibility. 

On average, 63% of your fellow high school kids have gone on a date before the 12th grade. However, being high school sweethearts doesn’t mean you’ll get married to them. For instance, only 25% of women married their first love. 

Even then, you cannot let future uncertainty take over your thoughts. Instead, focus on the present and have a wonderful time with your crush. Just remember to be prepared for sweet, unexpected moments.

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