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2023 Yearly Enlistment – October eighteenth through November third


AEP’s 2023 Enlistment Wellbeing and Government assistance Advantages Guides for retired folks are presently accessible at the connections underneath or on the ‘Advantages’ tab. We make them invigorate changes to declare for the new year including another drug store supplier, Optum Rx. You’ll need to try to completely survey the data gave in the yearly enlistment guide and keep on watching your post box and email for more data before very long, including another ID card(s).

Data was sent out on October 12, 2022 to those Enlistment retired people who are beyond 65 a years old don’t have an email address on document aepnow. Assuming an email address is on record, data was emailed on October eighteenth.

As an update, retired folks under age 65 never again get a printed guide and should get to for yearly enlistment data on the off chance that they don’t have an email address on document. For those with an email address on document, data was messaged on October 18. You will in any case get a customized enlistment worksheet which incorporates your month to month premium data as well as features of the 2023 changes.

The 2023 yearly enlistment time frame begins today, October Enlistment eighteenth, and will go on through November third. For extra data sign onto As an update, you should make another client name and secret word, on the off chance that you haven’t done so as of now.

In the event that you like to address a delegate, have any inquiries or need Enlistment help with signing in or rolling out any improvements to your 2023 advantages, if it’s not too much trouble, contact the AEP Advantages Center at 1-888-237-2363, choice 1.

Charles Patton served for a long time at AEP. His retirement in July 2022 brought recollections Enlistment of his residency and administration into center, as his experience as a pioneer at AEP and two working organizations was generally celebrated. Yet, Patton’s inheritance goes a long ways past his work and vocation accomplishments at AEP.

His heritage is additionally one of administration to other people.

During his residency, Patton frequently underscored the significance of administration. What’s more, in spite of a full timetable, Patton himself sat on many loads up and he at present serves on the YMCA of Focal Ohio load up. His administration stays an illustration of AEP’s obligation to the networks we serve.

Considering Patton’s administration, AEP has decided to respect his inheritance with the Charles Patton Volunteer of the Year grant.

“Charles Patton was a necessary piece of the AEP people group and a genuine accomplice to pioneers, representatives and local area individuals across the organization’s impression,” said Scratch Akins, seat and CEO. “This grant is a fitting recognition for the commitments Charles made during his 27 years at AEP.”

All workers and groups are qualified for the honor glance intuit com. Representatives are allowed to select any individual worker or group. Selections should be presented by November 4.

Designations will be checked on, and a champ will be reported in December.

The winner(s) will get a $2,500 gift to their association of decision.

“What preferable method for respecting Charles over to perceive those at AEP who are rewarding others,” said Janelle Coleman, VP, People group Commitment, Variety and Consideration. “A considerable lot of our partners are committed to serving others while on and off the clock. That is Charles’ heritage, and we’re glad to respect that and representatives who are accomplishing model work in our networks.”

American Electric Power is making a few chief initiative changes to all the more likely help the organization’s essential needs. As a feature of these changes, the Head Working Official (COO) position is being dispensed with, and specialty units that are important for this association are being reassigned.

Peggy Simmons has been named chief VP, Utilities, from this point forward. Simmons will answer to Julie Sloat, president and CFO. Answering to Simmons will be:


  • Steve Dough puncher, president and COO of Indiana Michigan Power
  • Stacey Gabbard, VP, Client assistance
  • Brett Mattison, president and COO of Kentucky Power
  • Marc Reitter, president and COO of AEP Ohio
  • Malcolm Smoak, president and COO of Southwestern Electric Power Organization
  • Leigh Anne Strahler, who is being elevated to president and COO of Public Help Organization of Oklahoma (PSO)

Judith Talavera, president and COO of AEP Texas

Aaron Walker, who is being elevated to president and COO of Appalachian Power Organization (APCO)

“Adjusting the client assistance association to the working organizations will assist with guaranteeing that our concentrated client assistance capabilities are advancing with the changing requirements of our business to help new administrations and choices for our clients,” Sloat said.

“Under Peggy’s administration, the PSO group accomplished the most elevated consumer loyalty Enlistment scores in PSO history in 2021 for both private and business clients. They likewise got administrative endorsement for PSO’s portion of the groundbreaking 1,484 megawatt North Focal Energy Offices wind projects. Peggy’s cooperative administration style and profound industry information will add to our continuous accomplishment as we center around giving more solid, cleaner energy and imaginative innovation answers for benefit our clients.”

Simmons has been president and COO of PSO starting around 2018. Already, she was overseeing Enlistment head of transmission resource methodology for AEP isekaiscan down, director of administrative product obtaining for AEP Ohio, and Enlistment administrator of environmentally friendly power in AEP’s serious business. She joined AEP in 1999 as an energy exchanging scheduler business activities.

Strahler has been VP of Administrative and Money for AEP Texas starting around 2018. Already, she was overseer of Business Activities Backing for APCO. She joined AEP in 2006 as a senior expense control expert in Age Designing Undertakings and Field Administrations and has served in various jobs including supervisor of Business Arranging and Backing Administrations and task chief/change specialist for AEP’s Tasks and Execution Change bunch.

Walker has been VP of Dispersion Activities for APCO beginning around 2020. He recently filled in as plant chief of AEP’s Rockport Plant in Indiana. Walker joined AEP in 2005 as a cycle engineer and has served in various jobs including project and field designing, project the executives, age execution improvement and age energy creation director.

Chris Bar has been named chief VP, Energy Administrations, as of now. He will answer to Sloat. Answering to Radiate will be:

  • Paul Chodak, leader VP, Age
  • Mike Granata, VP, Wellbeing and Wellbeing
  • Shane Untruths, senior VP and Boss Atomic Official
  • Craig Rhoades, VP, Store network, Acquirement and Armada Activities

Toby Thomas, senior VP, Energy Conveyance

“Chris has broad experience and demonstrated achievement changing associations to support our clients. Under his initiative, the Appalachian Power group carried practical energy assets to West Virginia and Virginia to help monetary turn of events and bring new positions, including the Nucor steel plant. They likewise led regulation to assist with conveying basic fast web access to country regions in the two states,” Sloat said. “His responsibility and outcome in aiding our groups create and convey power as securely, proficiently and really as conceivable will help our clients as we keep on changing our age armada and modernize our transmission and dispersion framework.”

Pillar has been president and COO of APCO starting around 2017. Beforehand, he filled in as VP of Activities, Controls and Development for Age luyenchuong. He was overseeing chief – Ventures and Development, from November 2010 to January 2013.

Greg Corridor has been named leader VP and boss business official, as of now. Corridor will keep answering to Scratch Akins, seat and CEO, until Jan. 1, 2023, when he will answer to Sloat. Answering to Corridor will be:

Joel Jansen, senior VP, Controlled Business Activities

  • Tom Myers, senior VP, Cutthroat Business Activities
  • Scott Slisher, senior VP, Cutthroat Client Arrangements
  • Antonio Smyth, senior VP, Lattice Arrangements

Vacant position, Energy Resources

“Greg and his group have been conveying custom energy arrangements in the cutthroat space, including sustainable and disseminated age, while our framework arrangements group has zeroed in on creating basic foundation developments and clean energy undertakings to help clients served by our managed working organizations. Adjusting these associations under Greg will assist us with better utilizing the experience and aptitude across the organization to progress new client arrangements and grow our energy contributions in every one of the states where we work,” Sloat said.

Activities and Execution Change, drove by Ashley Weaver, and Business Tasks Execution Affirmation, drove by Dan Groff, will currently answer to Therace Risch, leader VP and boss data and innovation official.

“Realigning these associations under Therace’s authority will put AEP’s authoritative viability drives inside one association to upgrade proficiency and work with sharing of best practices, process enhancements and adequacy across the association,” Sloat said.

The chief VP and COO position is being dispensed with. Lisa Barton will stay at AEP with temporary obligations, answering to Scratch Akins, until Nov. 1.

“For the benefit of the Load up and myself, I need to say thanks to Lisa for her significant commitments and administration during her time at AEP. She brought an elevated degree of energy and commitment to assist with changing vital region of our organization.

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