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15 Best YouTube to MP4 Converter Tools & Mobile

In today’s digital era, YouTube has become a primary source of entertainment, education, and information. With an abundance of content being uploaded daily, the need to convert YouTube videos to MP4 has risen. This convenient format enables users to watch videos offline and on a variety of devices. In this ultimate guide, we highlight the top YouTube to MP4 converters and explain how they work.

Why Convert YouTube Videos to MP4?

1. Offline Viewing

One of the major reasons many people convert YouTube videos to MP4 is to enjoy offline viewing. Internet access is not always guaranteed, especially while traveling, during power outages, or in remote locations. Without continuous online access, streaming YouTube videos can be difficult.

By converting YouTube videos into MP4 files, you can download and store them on your device. Once saved, you can play these videos directly from your local storage whenever you wish, without an internet connection. This is a great way to keep your favorite tutorials, music videos, documentaries, or lectures at your fingertips, ready to entertain, educate, penn foster login or inspire you regardless of your Internet connectivity status.

2. Portability

MP4 is one of the most universally accepted file formats. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices including, not limited to, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, smart TVs, and even some gaming consoles.

Suppose you’ve converted and downloaded a YouTube video onto your laptop but later want to view it on your smartphone or share it with a friend who only has a tablet. In that case, the fact the video is in MP4 format makes this switching seamless. Therefore, converting YouTube videos into MP4 allows you to view your videos on virtually any device, squarespace login enhancing your viewing experience’s flexibility and convenience.

3. Backup

Our favorite YouTube videos can sometimes disappear due to various reasons such as copyright issues, policy violations, or the uploader removing them. This can be disappointing, particularly if we highly value these videos for their content.

By converting these YouTube videos to MP4, you can create a personal archive or backup for your preferred content. This means that you will still have access to your favorite videos, even if they’re no longer available on YouTube, ensuring that your content remains intact.

4. Editing

For creative professionals, vloggers, content creators, and even hobbyists, the ability to edit video content is essential. However, editing a video directly from YouTube can be challenging.

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 can make editing tasks much easier. Once the YouTube video is in MP4 format, you can import it into various video editing software or apps to trim, tagteck add effects, modify audio, or combine it with other clips. Therefore, converting YouTube videos to MP4 significantly simplifies the video editing process, providing a useful solution for content creators and editors.

How to Do YouTube to MP4 Converters Work?

YouTube to MP4 converters, whether they are software applications or online services, are tools specifically tailored to manage the translation of YouTube videos into high-quality MP4 files. To grasp this conversion process better, let’s dissect it into multiple in-depth steps:

1. Extracting the URL

The initial step in any conversion process involves supplying the converter with the video’s unique URL. This direct link can be acquired from the address bar when viewing the video on YouTube or via the ‘Share’ button located underneath the video of cyber.

2. Communicating with YouTube’s Servers

Once the URL is obtained and input into the converter, the software or online service sends a request to YouTube’s servers. This request essentially asks for permission to access and download the content associated with the provided URL.

3. Fetching the Video Stream

After receiving authorization, the converter fetches the video stream or file from YouTube’s servers. This phase primarily concerns acquiring the video data, readying it to be processed and converted.

4. Decoding the Video Stream

After the video content is accessed, the converter program decodes the video stream. At this stage, the originally coded video and audio streams, which may be in various codecs like VP9 or AAC, are decompressed into raw, uncompressed data streams. The audio and video streams are also separated at this point, preparing them for the next step.

5. Transcoding to MP4-Compatible Format

Once decoded, the raw audio and video data is then transcoded or recompressed into a different format, in this case, MP4. The video stream is often converted into H.264, while the audio stream is usually compressed using AAC codec, both of which are compatible with the MP4 file format.

6. Muxing and Saving the Output

After the transcoding process, the multiple streams are ‘muxed’ or multiplexed, meaning they are combined into a single container, i.e., the MP4 format. Lastly, the single, integrated MP4 file is then saved as the final output. Users can then download this output file to their device.

Virtually, this conversion process happens in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending largely on the video length, quality, and internet speed. The whole procedure aligns with the primary goal of these converters: delivering high-quality, playable MP4 files from YouTube videos.

Top 15 YouTube to MP4 Converters

  1. 4K Video Downloader
    • Pros: It supports high-quality conversion (up to 4k and 8k), offers batch downloading, is free of advertisement and malware.
    • Cons: To unlock its full potential, you need to purchase the premium version.
    • Pros: It’s a user-friendly online converter that doesn’t require any registration or software download and supports high-quality downloads.
    • Cons: It only allows converting videos up to a length of 1 hour.
  1. Any Video Converter
    • Pros: Supports a wide range of video formats beyond MP4, allows for video editing and burning DVDs.
    • Cons: The free version comes with bundled extra software that could be invasive.
  1. Clip Converter
    • Pros: It comes with a ClipConverter browser add-on and supports various formats and quality levels.
    • Cons: It has difficulties with videos containing music, due to copyright issues
  1. Flvto
    • Pros: Easy to use with a well-designed interface, and can convert videos to MP3 as well.
    • Cons: Loaded with diverting pop-up ads.


  1. WinX YouTube Downloader
    • Pros: Support for HD & UHD video downloading, fast conversion speed.
    • Cons: The free version has limited features.
  1. Vidmate
    • Pros: Can download videos from a large variety of platforms, and has an in-built media player.
    • Cons: Not available on the Google Play Store.


  1. YT1s
    • Pros: Simple interface, no need for registration, supports conversion to both MP4 and MP3.
    • Cons: Frequent pop-up ads.


    • Pros: User-friendly interface, quick conversion and download speeds, no need to install additional software.
    • Cons: Only supports YouTube video conversion, limited advanced features.


  1. GenYouTube
    • Pros: Can fetch links from YouTube without switching apps, supports a variety of formats.
    • Cons: The website layout is a bit messy and filled with ads.


    • Pros: Simple and clean interface, automatically adds album art to MP3s, allows for basic editing like cropping the video.
    • Cons: Contains ads which might interrupt the user experience.


  1. Y2Mate
    • Pros: Offers a wide choice on file types and allows conversion to audio files.
    • Cons: Multiple pop-up ads and the website’s safety is questioned by users due to redirections to other websites.


  1. 2Conv
    • Pros: Fast and straightforward, no need for software downloads or registration.
    • Cons: Limited conversion options and contains ads.


  1. Online Video Converter
    • Pros: Support for multiple video sharing platforms, fast conversion times, no need to install software.
    • Cons: Annoying pop-up ads make usage a bit frustrating.


  1. Freemake Video Converter
    • Pros: Can convert YouTube videos to various formats, supports video editing, includes a feature to convert and burn videos directly into DVDs.
    • Cons: Has a watermark in free version. Slow conversion times unless you opt for the paid version.

Each converter has its unique features and potential drawbacks. Your preferred choice will largely depend on your specific needs and requirements, such as video quality, conversion speed, multi-format support, advertising tolerance, and platform compatibility.


Top 5 Mobile YouTube to MP4 Converters

As mobile devices gain prominence, dedicated YouTube to MP4 converters have gained traction for smartphones and tablets. Similar to desktop applications, they offer a more portable and offline experience that caters to on-the-go users.

  1. VidMate
    • Platform: Android
    • Pros: Downloads videos from various platforms, has a built-in media player, and offers multiple resolution options.
    • Cons: Unavailable on the Google Play Store, might require downloading from the official website.


  1. SnapTube
    • Platform: Android
    • Pros: User-friendly interface, supports various formats for downloading, enables downloading from multiple video and social media platforms.
    • Cons: Not available on the Google Play Store, it can be downloaded only from their official website.


  1. TubeMate
    • Platform: Android
    • Pros: It allows you to pick from various resolutions and formats, has an in-built media player, and supports multiple video platforms.
    • Cons: Not available on the Google Play Store, the user interface may feel cluttered.


  1. Documents by Readdle
    • Platform: iOS
    • Pros: A versatile file manager enabling video downloads​​ from multiple platforms, it can be coupled with online converters to form a competent solution.
    • Cons: Requires using a third-party online converter, download speed might be slow depending on the online converter used.


  1. MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter
    • Platform: iOS (Mac)
    • Pros: Offers a simple process to convert videos to MP3, supports fast downloading, and can download videos from various platforms.
    • Cons: Limited to MP3 conversion only, does not support video format conversion.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a YouTube to MP4 Converter

  1. Quality: Choose a tool that maintains the original video’s quality or allows you to select the desired output resolution.
  2. Speed: Opt for converters that process videos in a reasonable time frame.
  3. Ease-of-use: An intuitive user interface is helpful for beginners and experts alike.
  4. Cost: Free converters may have limitations or occasional ads, while paid solutions often offer more features and better support.
  5. Security: Ensure the converter is free from malware or intrusive ads that could compromise your privacy or device safety.
  6. Support: Reliable customer support and updates contribute to a smooth user experience.


How to Use a YouTube to MP4 Converter

  1. Choose your preferred YouTube to MP4 converter from our recommendations.
  2. Open YouTube and find the video you want to convert.
  3. Copy the video’s URL from the address bar or use the share button.
  4. Paste the video URL into the converter’s input field.
  5. Select the MP4 format and adjust the quality settings as desired.
  6. Click the “Convert” or “Download” button, and wait for the conversion to finish.
  7. Save the MP4 file to your device.



Converting YouTube videos to MP4 can be convenient and advantageous for various reasons: offline viewing, portability, and editing. With an array of converters available, consider the essential factors like quality, speed, and security before making your choice. Always remember to respect copyrights and adhere to legal guidelines when using these tools. Of course, the method of choosing YouTube to MP3 is similar.


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