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How to Promote Your Book: Book Marketing Tactics for Beginners


It’s not easy to write a book. Professional book writers spend a significant amount of time and effort to writing a book that they are confident will significantly benefit readers. Nothing matters if the book doesn’t get into the hands of the intended audience, whether it’s in the form of a wealth of information packed into each and every page between the covers or just pure bliss and pleasure that the reader will remember for the rest of their lives. If none of your readers read your book, all of the change it can bring into the world whether that change is as small as putting a smile on someone’s face or as large as changing their lives is wasted effort. 

A book is not sufficient. It is not sufficient to possess the finished product in your hands or on the digital bookshelf ready for purchase. It is comparable to making a hot air balloon. It is insufficient to have one in your backyard alone. To demonstrate to your audience that it flies, you must propel it into the air so that they can purchase the experience of being inside that hot air balloon. The book must be made available to the public. In order for everyone to see it from afar, you have to push it high in the sky.

Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing

You probably also have your book available on Amazon if you sell it at multiple retailers. Amazon is a significant market for reading books. If you don’t include Amazon in your book marketing service, it could be a very bad idea that you don’t want to make. This is especially true considering that the majority of it is a straightforward game of comprehension and doesn’t cost anything. Let’s start with the most important things. Authors who self-publish can list their books in no more than two categories when they upload them to KDP. Therefore, there are two categories for your book. 

How can your book be divided into more than two categories? You can choose up to seven keywords that are related to your book. Using the right keywords can make it possible for your book to be listed in categories that can only be reached by using smart keywords. Make use of that choice. A subtitle is yet another essential component of your book. Write a subtitle for your book if you don’t already have one. Everything contributes to the recommendation of your book in the also bought, including the title, subtitle, and keywords. Likewise, bought is Amazon’s approach to prescribing books to different readers that are like one another.

Platform-Exclusive Book Marketing Options

You can utilize many of the book writing company options that self-publishing platforms offer to their authors who select exclusive promotion through the platform, in addition to organically attempting to promote your book. Amazon’s Kindle Select, for instance, is a program for authors whose books are exclusively published through Amazon KDP. Authors have a variety of promotional options with the Kindle Select. Using these programs can help you sell more books.

During the publishing process, authors also consider self-publishing platforms when selecting retailers for print books. At that point, you should decide whether or not a self-publishing platform’s exclusivity is worthwhile. However, suppose you have already published your book and have restricted access to a single digital platform for it. In that case, the book promotion options that your preferred platform offers are always something to think about and should be used.

Build an Author Website

While Amazon may have the largest collection of clicks for potential customers, your author website should serve as the primary home of your marketing strategy, not Amazon. If this is your first book, you probably don’t have a website for yourself as an author. We recommend getting one as soon as you can. From there, run the show. Fans will be thrilled to learn that you have a product-specific website where they can get in touch with you directly. 

You will be able to create a landing page for your book’s direct sales on the website. Having a website, more than anything else, opens the door to your online presence. You can launch your book with a bang by offering book launch deals on the website. Include a press release in your strategy for book promotion. Incentivize the early adopters who pre-ordered or purchased the book within the first month by holding a webinar. 

Offering an incentive to early readers is also part of the book promotion at the time of release. The press release is part of the advertising.

Establish Yourself as a Writer

It would be foolish of you to not have a social media presence as an author because you are already creating a website for your book marketing. You obviously have a Facebook account, but it’s always a good idea to keep your friends and fans apart. Create an author page on all of the social media platforms where your target audience is active, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let’s focus on Facebook and talk about how useful it can be for book promotions. 

A Facebook page is a great way to connect the author and readers. You publish content, readers comment on it, and a link is established. It fosters a positive image of the author and fosters a sense of connection among fans. 

Additionally, they are one of the primary means by which readers are informed of the release date and offers. Numerous authors have benefited greatly from social media pages. Having that connection with the people they follow is appreciated by fans. 

To keep your fans hooked, make sure you also show them how much you appreciate them by being active on your Facebook page with new content and sneak peeks at your upcoming projects and books. Keeping the page alive is the only thing you need to worry about once you have a lot of fans, and that’s a problem for another day.

Reviews are Worth their Weight in Gold

The title is sufficient. Your books benefit greatly from reviews. They demonstrate that purchasing your book is worthwhile and are persuasive. Because they are written by people who have both spent money and time reading your book, reviews demonstrate to other readers that they will not regret doing so. However, if they are encouraging others to do the same, then the book must be excellent. Isn’t that the purpose of marketing? 

Let’s see how you can get as many and as good reviews for your book as possible. If you’ve ever published a book on Amazon, you know how important it is to get feedback from the best reviewers there are. 

You can get in touch with these people to get in-depth reviews of the book that will make you and your book look better. The difficulty in contacting these reviewers is the issue. However, even if you only get one, the outcome is well worth the effort. Your book’s sales will rise significantly with the help of Amazon reviews. 

Reviews generally demonstrate to readers that your book is also worth purchasing outside of Amazon. Additionally, that is marketing that cannot be purchased. Contact the top Amazon reviewers for other books in your genre via email to try your luck with their reviews. They ought to be able to at least respond to the email, but if they don’t, don’t be irritated.

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