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3 SMS Marketing Hacks You Must Use in 2023


In this day and age, it’s a rarity to come across someone without a mobile phone in hand. Accordingly, it makes logical sense that this is the ideal time to start implementing SMS marketing. Even though integrated digital marketing is important, SMS marketing’s success cannot be doubted. 

SMS marketing is a certain way to spread the word about your company because more people check their phones while they’re waiting or taking a break. Simply said, there is now a higher probability that your intended audience or recipients will read your content. As the holiday season draws near, a bustling inbox can often serve as a tell-tale sign. “Kickstart the festivities with our Early Deals” “Offers begin TODAY!” “On Republic Day, get 75% off!” The list continues. Isn’t it?

SMS marketing is reigning. Hard to believe? The facts are here!

  • Globally, at least 5 billion individuals have access to text messaging.
  • 95% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being delivered.
  • 90% of SMS messages are opened and 30% are responded to on average.

How does SMS marketing function?

When it comes to strategy, email and SMS marketing are akin to each other. Like email marketing, the primary objectives of SMS marketing are often to sell, inform, or nurture loyalty. Organizations can send one-to-one or one-to-many SMS messages, based on their objectives. SMS is a marketing channel in which the sender has complete control over the recipient list and distribution.

Also, ensure that you are legally obtaining authorization from customers before sending them a marketing message via an SMS message, just like you would with email marketing. If we look at the current scenario, where consumer attention is low, paid advertising is expensive, and email spam is a typical occurrence, SMS marketing does quite well during the busiest shopping seasons. Moreover, omnichannel marketing automation efforts benefit greatly from its addition. Club your SMS marketing campaigns with other campaigns like IVR based outbound calling, email marketing, social media marketing, toll-free number based campaigns, and more. 

To maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns in 2023, you must employ a few SMS marketing hacks. You can reach your target audience, drive engagement, and eventually boost ROI by using these three hacks. Let’s begin.

3 SMS Marketing Hacks You Must Use in 2023

  • Customization is the goal

In 2023, personalization will no longer be a desirable feature; it is a need. Given the abundance of data accessible, it’s now possible to customize communications for particular people. Personalization in SMS marketing can take many different forms, such as using recipients’ names and modifying messages based on their past purchases and interests. Personalization may boost sales engagement and enhance the client experience. 

 You must have a sizable customer database that contains details about the interests and behaviors of your consumers to perform personalization. This data can be used to segment your audience and offer communications that are specially customized for personalized customer service. You might, for instance, give loyal customers a birthday message with a unique coupon code or send an exclusive deal to clients who have purchased a specific product.

  • Emojis are here to stay

Emojis are a mainstay of current conversation, and SMS marketing can make great use of them. Emoji-filled messages actually have a greater open rate than those without them. Infusing personality into your messages with emojis is a fun way to stick out in a cluttered inbox. They enhance customers’ experience with your brand thus taking your customer service one level up. 

Emojis should be carefully chosen based on your target audience and the setting of your text if you want to use them successfully. For instance, you might use a sun or a beachside emoji to set a playful and welcoming tone in communication about a summer sale. Moreover, emojis could also be interpreted as being insensitive or improper; they should be avoided while sending a message about a serious subject.

  • Timing is the key

One of the most important elements in SMS marketing is scheduling (time). To guarantee that your messages are read and responded to, you must send them at the appropriate hour. The audience you are targeting and the type of message you are sending will determine the ideal moment to send SMS messages in 2023. There are, however, a few overarching ideas to bear in mind.

Primarily, you should refrain from sending texts at odd hours of the day or night. This might be considered intrusive, in which case your communication might be deleted or neglected. Secondly, keep a tab on the recipient’s time zone in mind when scheduling communications. It can be a good idea to send messages at a time that is convenient for your clients, for instance, if they are in different time zones.

Bonus point: Engage in drip SMS campaigns

SMS text messages can be used to send nurturing drip campaigns. As you continue to deliver active customers valuable and relevant content, drip campaigns are essential for maintaining their engagement. You can use your growing database to deliver SMS drip campaigns to:

  • Greet and onboard the clients
  • Keep prospects interested in the business
  • Enable the use of sophisticated options
  • Utilize technology to facilitate widespread communication

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Wrapping up!

Previously, SMS or text messages were basically used to communicate with relatives and friends. Then, as smartphone technology advanced, so did the way that people use text messaging. Even though there are several new mobile apps available in the market yet, SMS are an essential for the marketing world. 

SMS marketing is now utilized for purposes other than just sending private and confidential texts. They are now an important part of business growth strategy of many businesses. Numerous companies have engaged in SMS marketing, which comprises maximizing text messages to carry out their marketing strategy. It makes sense that businesses would look for more innovative methods to enhance their SMS campaigns as more people continue to spend time using their mobile devices. So why are you still waiting? Start implementing these SMS marketing hacks right away and watch your results skyrocket!

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