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What is handicap in football betting?

football betting

The purpose of handicap betting by fun88 app download is to level the playing field between the two teams participating in a sports event. Since “a situation that makes development or achievement difficult” is the accepted definition of “a handicap,” let’s start there. The bookies will award one of the selections in an event a “handicap,” which is an advantage that the pick must overcome to win. This is particularly true in situations in which one side is clearly in a much stronger position than the other. The bookmakers will supply more odds than simply win, draw, or lose, and they will provide a handicap bet in which one side must achieve specific requirements in order for your wager to land. This is done in order to level the playing field.

Therefore, let’s take a little diversion from reality in order to illustrate this point more clearly. If you were to imagine that Barcelona was playing Accrington Stanley, the chances of the Catalans winning the match would be 1/40, while the odds of Accrington Stanley winning the match would be 40/1. If you were to bet on Accrington Stanley winning, you would have to pay 40/1. Doesn’t this seem like the kind of wager you would be interested in placing? You placed a bet on Barcelona to defeat Accrington Stanley, and the odds were even. What if we stirred things up by telling you that Barcelona needed to win by just four goals, and the odds were even? Yes, that is exactly what we were thinking. Please continue reading so that you may become an expert in the field of handicap betting.

Liverpool would need to win by a margin of three goals or more in order to overcome the handicap. Is it that simple?


By fun88 login Betting on the football season handicap is only accessible before to the start of the season since it is dependent on each team being assigned a handicap prior to the first kick of the ball. Each team’s handicap is determined by how likely it is that they will win the league. If we were to look at the beginning of the 2019/2020 Premier League season, the team that was considered to be the frontrunner to win the league, Manchester City, was given a handicap of zero, while the team that was considered to be the team most likely to be relegated, Sheffield United, was given a handicap of +47.

In this instance, you would be placing a wager on the player who you believe would finish the season with the highest points. Therefore, if City ended with 100 points after 38 games, Sheffield United would require 54 points as their handicap added to that, which would then give them 101 points. This would be the case if the total number of games played was 38. Even though they are currently outsiders at 4/1 in Premier League betting to be relegated following a magnificent start, one believes that even Chris Wilder, a guy who has a predilection for overlapping center-backs, would not be able to achieve that. However, you get the point.

Source: Paddy Power

Rams to the slaughter. It’s just a coincidence, but if anybody is even somewhat interested, Derby County would have required a handicap of +77 during the 2007/2008 season when they amassed a startling and record low 11 points for the whole season after Manchester United won with 87.


The National Football League (NFL) market for handicap betting is widely considered to be the most popular kind of handicap betting anywhere in the world. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is so straightforward.


Odds on the Handicap Chicago Bears +4.5 at 10/11

4.5 points against the Dallas Cowboys 10/11

Even though the NFL handicap markets might seem to be somewhat intimidating, there is absolutely little need to be concerned about this situation. Comparable to Manchester United under David Moyes in that it gives the impression of being complicated and dynamic but is, in reality, straightforward and easy to understand. So, let’s say the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Chicago Bears, and Paddy Power has set the Cowboys as a -4.5 point favourite. If you bet on it, it means you win your bet if the Cowboys’ final score is subtracted by 4.5 points and they still end up with more points than the Bears, which is exactly what happened in the previous example. If, on the other hand, you choose to place your wager on the underdogs, the Bears, with a handicap of +4.5, then the only way for you to win your bet is for the Bears to finish with a final score that is higher than the Cowboys’ score after 4.5 points have been added to it.


You will be offered chances of one team winning or losing by a particular number of points, much to the way that handicap betting is done in the NFL. However, unlike NFL handicap betting, rugby handicap betting is virtually exactly the same.

In the 2019 Rugby World Cup, let’s have a look at the match between Wales and France. For this match, Wales were assigned a handicap of -5, which indicates that in order for a bettor to win their handicap bet, it is necessary for Wales to win by a margin of at least 5 points. On the other side, the French were at +5, which means that if they won or lost by less than five points, you would have lost your bet if you had gone with Wales at -5. If they won or lost by more than five points, however, you would have won.

As it turns out, the +5 bet on France would have paid off as the Welsh squeaked by with a win by the score of 20-19 owing to what the French would consider to be a pretty questionable interpretation of the knock-on rule by South African referee Jaco Peyper. Anyone from South Africa planning to take a vacation in France in the near future could find it helpful to practise speaking with an American accent.

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