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Top Five Factors Why Confined Space Training Is Important

Did you know that there are at least 100 confined space-related deaths every year? Additionally, there are even more serious injuries. Despite all that and despite being one of the most dangerous work environments, millions of people continue to work in confined spaces.

A confined space is an area of limited space and limited entry and exit points. This includes tunnels, manholes, storage bins, silos, access shafts, and other similar spaces.

One of the main reasons confined space accidents, injuries, and deaths occur is due to insufficient training. Working in such dangerous places requires proper training and knowledge.

Here are the top 5 factors why confined space training is important. Let’s check them out.

The main confined space hazards

Before we dive straight into the importance of confined space training, let’s first see some of the most common confined space hazards.

Lack of oxygen is the number one confined space hazard. Oxygen can easily be replaced by carbon dioxide within confined spaces. Especially if the reaction between oxygen and certain soils occurs in a tight space.

The second most common hazards are gas, fumes, or vapors. In spaces without proper ventilation, poisonous gases, and fumes build up rather quickly. Gas leaks due to a burst pipe in a space without ventilation can create a toxic environment.

Fire and explosions can also be consequences of flammable fumes, gases, or liquids within tight spaces. The risk of fire and explosions can only increase when hot tools are being used.

Why confined space training is important

Training can help develop awareness

Proper confined space training can help both employers and employees understand and develop awareness of confined spaces. Through training, employees will understand the characteristics of confined spaces and understand the risks and hazards of entering them.

In turn, employees will become more aware of the risks of entering such tight spaces. They will enter tight spaces with greater caution and in that way, minimize accidents, injuries, and deaths.

Training can help identify risks and hazards

This training can also contribute to understanding the risks and hazards of confined spaces. With the help of the training, not only employees but also managers and employers will be able to better identify potential risks and hazards not visible to the naked eye.

This knowledge and information will help everyone mitigate risks by investing in appropriate equipment and putting in place necessary emergency protocols. On top of that, they will also be able to invest in systems that monitor confined spaces when workers are in them.

All in all, confined space training can help preserve the safety of employees and prevent terrible accidents.

Training will enable better handling of emergencies

In case of an emergency, remaining clear-headed, and calm is crucial. The difference between trained and untrained employees is how they handle emergencies. And sometimes that can mean the difference between life and death.

That’s yet another reason why confined place training is essential. The knowledge and understanding of dangers when working in tight spaces can help save lives. For instance, all tight-space workers need to know what to do and how to handle a fire or gas leak.

Training helps understand the importance of atmospheric testing

Atmospheric testing is an important topic for anyone who works in confined spaces. Confined space training can help everyone better understand the importance of atmospheric testing.

This testing can better prepare employees for entering confined spaces and it can also help them understand the relevance of proper equipment. The more information they have, the better prepared the workers will be when entering, working, and getting out of confined spaces.

Training will help employers understand their legal obligations

Those in charge, managers, and employers, also need to have proper confined space training. They need to know their obligations that are related to employee safety.

Every business should have a legal obligation to ensure their employees have been properly trained and have all the necessary qualifications to work in confined spaces.

That’s why it would be highly beneficial for any business that does work in confined places to provide confined space training to their employees. This will ensure that the business is legally compliant and they won’t need to worry about lawsuits, fines, and other similar problems.

Final thoughts

It’s crucial for everyone who works in confined spaces to have some sort of training. Proper training can mean the difference between life and death. Help your employees by providing them with the proper confined space training.

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