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The Simpsons Portrait Cartoon Series Review

Simpsons Portrait

For the past 30 years, the technique for printing objects in three dimensions has been under development. It is a technology that is quickly changing. The technology of 3D printing is improving and becoming more appealing to consumers as more 3D printer manufacturers gain expertise in it.

Home users have continued to employ 3D printing as a source of leisure during the past few years. The ability for users to become manufacturers themselves is anticipated to greatly increase the appeal of this technology.

As a tool for creating prototypes in science and as a fun hobby for making things at home, 3D printing is currently undergoing a transformation. Right now, it is entering the worlds of television and music. And these are the procedures for 3D printing it.

TV Series

When you consider where 3D printing may be seen in popular culture, the first thing that likely comes to mind is a sitcom about four scientists who live in Pasadena, California. Yes, we agree that the appearance of a 3D printer in this TV drama was inevitable.

Additionally, it was perhaps the first TV program to depict a 3D printer in regular usage. Howard Wolowitz, one of the major protagonists, even uses a 3D scanner to create a 3D-printed replica of himself, which he then delivers to his fiancée as a present.

This episode, which aired on January 31, 2013, clearly illustrates one of the major reasons to use a 3D printer at the moment, which is to have fun.


The Simpsons Portrait, which has been on American television for the longest time, was created by Matt Groening. He launched the animated television series Futurama in 1999. The future, namely the year 2999, is indicated by the title. It took 14 years for a 3D printer to make its first appearance in this narrative, even though it was in the “future.”

In the Futurama episode that aired on July 3, 2013, Bender, one of the show’s major characters, uses a massive 3D printer to create an exact replica of a guitar that he had previously seen.

We may thus claim that he employed himself as a 3D scanner. He is a robot, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. By the way, his motivation is bad—he wants to steal a guitar from a well-known country musician.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons’ history has a 3D printer far sooner than Futurama’s does, according to Matt Groening. When it initially appears on Futurama, it is around the year 3013, while in the futuristic plot of The Simpsons, it is about the year 2056, and also checked this baseball cap.

The Simpsons went even further with 3D printing than Futurama did since Lisa Simpson was 3D printed in the episode from November 24th, 2013. In 42 years, a human will be the first to be 3D printed. Is that even doable now?


Have you heard of a pistol that was 3D printed? Yes, Solid Concepts did 3D print an actual metal pistol at the end of the previous year. Screenwriters quickly used the concept of a 3D-printed pistol in TV shows.

In fact, they achieved it before the scientists. In a fictitious sense. The printed gun was featured in the American drama series Elementary. Sherlock Holmes, the series’ primary protagonist, has shown that the murder was committed with a 3D-printed pistol that was melted after the act.

Even after all these years, Family Guy remains the mischievous younger brother who is completely satisfied in his place and is constantly willing to transgress.

Are you a fan of Rick and Morty, namely Rick? Join me as I investigate what distinguishes Rick from other cartoon characters and what makes him the Richest Rick.



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