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Is ML essential for Data Scientists? 

Machine Learning as a sub-set of Artificial Intelligence has gained enough prominence lately to emerge as one of the most wanted technological skills in the tech world. As we move closer to an automated world where machines can evolve and work with no or minimal supervision, Machine Learning is essential. The concept of ML and its application has gained much popularity in the world of data science and analytics owing to its vast potential and its proven and tested capabilities. Interestingly, much of our daily interactions with machines and the internet are closely followed by ML models and systems. For instance, Netflix can recommend movies based on our tastes and preferences and YouTube can recommend videos based on our watch history. Although it looks simple many complex ML algorithms are behind such accurate predictions and with time their efficiency increases several folds. 

 We can understand that Machine Learning has gained much prominence and its applications are improving the machines around us. However, is it essential for a data professional to acquire the knowledge of ML through machine learning training?

  • ML is a must-have skill for leading tech companies hiring data professionals
    Experts and career coaches recommend ML as a must-have skill for any individual wishing to make it big in the data world. The reason is the fact that from top tech giants to any corporation hiring data scientists look for ML skills in the CV of applying individuals. Having prior experience with ML or a machine learning certification helps individuals immensely to score big and land enormous job opportunities. Demand for data professionals who are also trained in ML is always high because ML is a great weapon in the arsenal of data scientists who need to solve complex puzzles and help companies leverage data. 
  • ML improves the capability of a data scientist
    A data scientist must use anything that helps in the process of decrypting or mining accumulated data. The process can be painstakingly slow if the data scientist relies on manual processes only. When the data scientist can develop a machine efficient enough to take unstructured data and then analyze it for insights with no or minimum human supervision, the entire process of data analytics becomes quite fast and cost-effective for businesses. There are already plenty of examples of both private and public sector organizations deploying systems with ML capabilities for an increase in efficiency and productivity across multiple processes. One good example is how Amazon uses its ML-driven system to restock its warehouses with goods that are sure to be bought by consumers around the world. Thus, when a data scientist utilizes ML then the overall productivity and efficiency increase limitlessly. 
  •  Increased urgency for automation
    Today the entire world has an urgent demand for automation driven by several factors like shortage of manpower, economic problems, and the urge to reach conclusions in a very short period. As a result, data scientists have to gear up for automated processes and ML helps them do just that. With the help of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Data scientists can impart machines with the ability to self-feeding of data, organize that data, and then analyze the organized data to reach a particular objective. More importantly, it increases the speed at which data science-driven results can be generated!

Acquire ML skills today and score big!

If you are a data science aspirant and want to score big then Machine Learning is an essential skill for you. With the help of ML skills not only you will be able to increase your chance of getting hired by top tech companies but also give your career a huge boost. Especially in India where there is a shortage of individuals with data science, ML, and AI skills, but a huge demand for such talented hands, if you acquire ML skills through a machine learning training, then you will surely make yourself visible on the radar of top recruiters with enormous and lucrative packages. Another added advantage of ML skill is the fact that this is future-proof and thus even in the distant future the chances of your job becoming obsolete are nil. 

Hence, get yourself enrolled in a good machine learning training course and gain command over the subject as soon as possible. ML is not only essential for any aspiring data scientist but also a fascinating tool through which meeting career goal becomes easy, especially at a time when the demand for ML-trained professionals is very high. 

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