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A Comprehensive Discussion: What Is Automated Game Testing?

Automated Game Testing

Did you know that over five million video games currently exist on the market that anyone can choose from? Suppose you’re the kind of person who gets hyped up with the concept of these entertainment types. In this case, this might be exciting news for you.

But, behind these successful innovations is a comprehensive series of quality control assessments. This is a way to test if tc omprehensive he application is free from defects and bugs before launching into the market.

This idea is easier said than done not until the introduction of automated game testing. In fact, this modernization has been the holy grail of countless software developers. So, tag along with us as we discuss the notion of this advancement.


Automated Game Testing


Handwritten Test Scripts

Record Playback Approach


Cost Savings

Improved Test Accuracy

Accelerated Development and Delivery

Level-Up Your Game with Automated Testing

Automated Game Testing

The discussion will start with the basics of automated game testing. Doing this can help you understand the entire concept, allowing you to spread the word in a simple manner.


Automated game testing describes the software evaluation process, particularly for video games. This can detect and identify errors, such as bugs and glitches. Moreover, it lets the developers know whether the application needs to be improved before the scheduled release.


Back then, software developers had a hard time evaluating the performance and stability of video games. Because of this, professionals who are familiar with and experts in manual testing were able to perform this process.

Given this fact, the quality control procedure takes a lot of time and effort before it can be declared “successful.” These proceedings can determine whether the application can be launched or delayed. Of course, no company aims for this to take place.

As luck would have it, the trend of automated game testing evolved over the years. This became a new horizon to open the door for faster testing and development cycles. When this happens, the application’s supposed inauguration might be scheduled on or before the expected date.


Automated game testing is categorized into two strategies. This is done so the quality control engineers can use their resources. Thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

1) Handwritten Test Scripts

It is an approach where quality assurance engineers conduct automation testing from scratch. Such professionals are responsible for writing, maintaining, and executing test scripts. This is done so that the evaluation can proceed.

The process might take longer than the second strategy. But, the good news is that specific programming language tools, such as Java and Python, can be used. Through this method, the engineers can fulfill a well-structured framework. Thereby providing complete coverage of the game.

2) Record Playback Approach

Compared to the first strategy, record playback is a code-free execution approach. This means that the engineers do not need to write test automation scripts to check a particular video game application. 

With this scheme, game developers can quickly and conveniently record and playback the different versions of the game. Moreover, this can also pave the way for successful device configurations.

For this reason, this is deemed the “less error-prone” method. Technically, this test automation blueprint is beneficial and hassle-free. But unfortunately, this can only offer limited functionality. 


Test automation tools and practices are the keys to successful game development and introduction. These software products grant game development companies a worthwhile game testing process.

Cost Savings

In the gaming industry, manual testers are known for putting the developers and engineers into big potholes. It forces professionals to conduct repetitive tasks and test scenarios to achieve a successful launch.

But, the introduction of automated testing made it possible for programmers to dive into a more straightforward assessment process. This innovation allowed software companies to cut their testing costs.

Improved Test Accuracy

In the gaming industry, accuracy is the epitome of a successful application. This is because of the saying that “the better the accuracy, the higher the chances of identifying errors.”

When this happens, it allows the programmers to recognize one earlier than usual. In turn, users can experience a better gaming application. So, to fulfill this, automated testing is performed. It influences the quality of games presented to the target audience. Thereby generating higher client satisfaction and a significant reputation.

Accelerated Development and Delivery

It was previously stated that manual test execution is complex and time-consuming. This is because it involves human manipulation for the entire process, from the beginning until the end. In turn, this can cost the company a lot of money and resources.

But, with automated tests, the detection of errors, such as bugs and glitches, can be quickly sorted out. With these tools, the time spent on the delivery and implementation of game engines can be reduced. Thereby allowing companies to launch high-quality software while meeting the market demands.

Level-Up Your Game with Automated Testing

Launching a particular application in the gaming industry requires a lot of effort, time, and money. But, you don’t have to conceptualize this as a complicated process. 

Test automation grants quality and control testing for video games before their official release. Through this procedure, every company can achieve an error-free application launch in no time.

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